Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

An update on the happenings during Labor Day Weekend. We didn't have any plans of going anywhere, just sticking around home for a change.

Saturday we all went to Billings. Jennifer wanted to upgrade her phone so we shopped around and she now has a Droid with all the whistles and bells. She is having fun playing with it and finding out the features. With this phone she had to sign up the the internet package. I could have upgraded my phone too, but have to wait. Later that afternoon we went to Gary's grandson's football game. Tristan is playing in the mighty mite football league with the Outlaws. His mom's coworker is an announcer for the Outlaws and that's how he got into it. Tristan really likes it. He says that it's real football not flag at all, he gets to tackle. Tristan is in the 8-9 year olds and for most of his team this is their first year of playing organized football. It was fun to watch and Tristan made a couple good tackles, unfortunately his team lost. The team they played against had the more experienced players and you could tell. Gary took Tristan to a practice on Tuesday. Tristan sure enjoyed his time with his Grandpa Gary.

Didn't do anything on Sunday, just stayed home and got caught up on some work that needed to be done around the house. Gary also used the day to fix our trunk. The latch assembly just fell off while we were in Chico. He bought some JB Weld. The instructions said that it would work on fiberglass, will find out. Some people said it wouldn't work and some said it is the best stuff out there. Spent the whole morning removing the old glue. Mixed up the JB Weld, got it on the latch assembly. Had to get it just right or else our trunk wouldn't close. Then we used a hydralic jack to keep it in place. Wouldn't know until morning if it would work or not. Had to wait 15 hours.

Monday morning rolled around and the big test was seeing if the JB Weld worked on our latch assemble. It did, we were jumping up and down for joy. Saved us alot of money by not having to take it to the dealership to pay for labor and all that good stuff. So far it is holding up, so we are fans of JB Weld.

We went on the HOG MDA Poker Run Monday morning. Got to Billings early so we ate breakfast before making our way to the Powder Horn Bar. Paid for our poker hands and drew our first cards. The way our poker run works is that you don't know what your hand is until the end. You get a card with 52 numbers on it and at each stop you draw a chip and get your card punched. It is alot of fun. We ended up being dealers at the 3rd stop in Worden. By the time our shift was up there was no way we would make two stops, so we just went to the last stop. We were able to draw the rest of our numbers. We didn't win a thing. Gary got a pair of 3's. I had nothing.

The HOG group donated $1,500 to the MDA. Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and for low hand. The winners for 3rd and low hand donated their winnings back, the 1st place winner donated half of his winnings. Had fun and enjoyed ourselves. Nothing beats a day when we can spend it with our good HOG friends.