Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome Elizabeth

Happy Birthday Elizabeth. I'm so glad that you finally arrived. You were born into a very fabulous family and you have three great older sisters. Not to mention the aunts, uncles and cousins who are glad you are here. I better not forget your parents. When I come see you next week, I'll fill you in on them and what you will need to remember.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Retail Therapy

I highly recommend retail therapy. On Thursday I had my dental appointment. After spending two hours in the dentist's chair, I was so traumatized that I needed therapy.

The dentist took a bunch of x-rays of my teeth, measured my mouth and a bunch of other stuff. Then they numbed my mouth and my lower right side was cleaned and probed. They didn't do the upper right because my front teeth are still pretty tender. The dentist is pleased at how well I'm healing. Now my teeth are just tender, no longer sore. When I go back in a month, that's when I get the rest of my teeth cleaned and probed.

It took about a couple hour for the numbness to go away and then I was just sore the rest of the day, but my therapy session really helped.

First I did something sensible, got the oil changed in my car for my road trip to California. Then the therapy session started. I first bought two new pair of jeans. Tried on a bunch of clothes, very fun. Only came out with the 2 pair. On to the next store. It was here that I bought my snickers. I got 2 bags for $4. I left one bag here at home, but a little imp who lives in my house found them. Today there are only 2 left and I only ate one at home. The other bag I took to the office. These are used for my chocolate fix. Snickers is my favorite candy bar. The bags I bought are the mini sized ones. Since they are on sale for Halloween, I have plenty of time to stock up.

Next stop was the mall. I wanted to get a new pair of shoes, but couldn't find the pair that I wanted. Will get that on my next therapy session.

Got home in plenty of time to relax before heading off to our martial arts classes.

I highly recommend this type of therapy for everyone. It was so relaxing and fun.

I was bummed out when I found out my newest niece is being a difficult child. She decided that she didn't want her birthday on Friday. But that's ok, as long as she decides her birthday is before I get to her house for a week long visit.

Friday was also a good day. I got a huge raise at work. With retroactive pay included, my check was pretty nice. Wish all my checks were like that. I am excited, first we were only going to get $1 an hour raise, but I actually got over $2 an hour. I was in shock, but I'll take it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finally Able To Ride

We were finally able to take the bike out for a ride today. After two weeks of rain and me recovering from my injury, we got the bike out today for the Chapter meeting and ride. It was a little foggy this morning, but burned off fast. We did go out for coffee with the bike and it was pretty cool out. We met up with a couple friends at the truck stop. They were going on a different ride with a different motorcycle group, but we all ended up at the same place.

We made our way to the dealership and I tried on some chaps. We now know why people wear chaps, to help stay warm on cool days. Also it helps protect you from bugs and tiny rocks. Let me tell you, trying on chaps is quite an ordeal. First of all, sizes at the dealership run small, so nothing like having to wear the next size up. Second, one needs to remember that chaps goes over jeans. Keeping all of that in mind, it's not so bad wearing a larger size than normal. Didn't buy a pair, not at $190. There is a site where we can get leather gear alot cheaper. The group met at the dealership. Today was the day for the chapter picture, then on to the meeting.

The picture was taken at Veterans Park which is next to Rocky Mountain College. There were about 50 bikes all together today. When we arrived at the park, there was a young mother with her children who were going to get out and play in the park, but as soon as all these bikes arrived, the kid slammed the door and the mom just wanted to get out of there. I thought she was going to run us over, but she did manage to keep her cool. She did get out of there unscathed. All of us were laughing about how mean we bikers are. We all got together for the photo. It will turn out nice, we had the eagle statue in the background. After the photo, we all made our way to Strokers in Huntley.

We arrived at Strokers and you should have seen all the bikes parked in the lot. The other bike group was having their September 11 Memorial Poker Run and Strokers was a stop off point for them. There must have been about 80 bikes in the parking lot, not to mention that the bar was full of bikers eating. It was quite a sight to see.

We had our meeting, which are never very long, then made our way home. From Huntley we took Pryor Creek Road. It is only about 5 to 6 miles and we cut out about 10 miles going on the interstate. Pryor Creek Road hits I-90 just at the bottom of the big Billings Hill.

All in all it was a very good day for a ride. The weather was perfect. No rain, no wind and it was comfortable.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday I got my stitches out. YEAH!!!!! I was supposed to get them out on Thursday, but when I made the appointment at the Hardin Clinic, I couldn't get in until yesterday. Since I wasn't treated here, the doc wanted to make sure I was healing, especially since I'm "older". I told the receptionist that all it takes is a snip snip and tug tug. If I had tweezers and small scissors here at home, I would have done it myself.

Our doctor friend even offered to take them out for me, but since I already had the appointment I appreciated his help, but it was ok for me to go into the clinic. Looking back I should have taken up his offer. I didn't want to have my stitches taken out in the martial arts school.

I got to the clinic early because I knew I would have to fill out a ton of paperwork. The paperwork wasn't that bad, all I had to do was update my insurance information. I only had to wait in the waiting room for about 10 minutes before being called. The nurse called my name and then asked me what I was in for. Don't these people read.

She took my vitals and all of that good stuff. At least I didn't have to step on the scale. Then it was about a 30 minute wait. I had taken a book with me and got a couple chapters read. The doc finally came in and I had to retell my story to him.

This doc said that normally I should have come in 5 days after my accident. He said that he likes to take out stitches in 5 days to help avoid scarring. Scarring is the least of my worries. The doc at the ER in Columbus said to keep them in until Thursday. Give me a break.

He did say that I healed quite nicely for being "older", just treat it like a scratch. I still have to keep putting neosporin on it. I don't have to go back unless it gets infected or any problems.

I went back to the dentist on Wednesday. When I first went right after my accident he couldn't take any x-rays, I was too sore and swollen. At first he thought I would be ok, but now that has changed. I did more damage to my teeth than what was originally thought. I have to go back in two weeks and will let time tell. The dentist thinks that I will lose both my front teeth. He did say that one of the options available is to have a root canal, but he did say in honesty that a root canal probably won't work. One tooth did tighten back up, but not the other one. The lose one he sort of welded it to the next tooth and it does feel so much better now that it is stabilized.

Now that I got the stitches out I have to make an appointment to have my eyes checked. I do need new glasses anyway but the accident just moved it up a bit. I can't wait and see what the eye doctor says when he hears about my head trauma. When I fell, my glasses just fell off my face and I do have a deep scratch on the lens. I was very fortunate that they didn't break.

The scar above my eye doesn't look that bad and it will be hard to see. It is just above my eyebrow and if a person doesn't know that it is there won't notice it. I'm sure over the years it will fade.