Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finally Got Wireless

It took two weeks and alot of frustration but I finally got wireless internet service.

I had called our cable service first and was told by the receptionist that the cable company does not provide wireless internet service. That is when I called to some other providers and found CenturyLink (Qwest). You know how that went.

Gary was talking to Charlie Fergerson at the store, Charlie works for the cable company now. Charlie told Gary that the cable does do wireless internet service, just go out and buy a router and he will get us connected.

I did call the cable company and talked to someone who knows what goes on in the company. She set the appointment for Charlie to install our wireless yesterday between 12:30-3:00 pm.

Charlie arrived at 2:00 pm, installed the new modem that we need for the cable tv and internet. He was there less than an hour, stayed long enough to make sure that we were connected. So simple and so easy.

I did have to pay the $29.95 install fee and it's only going to cost $5 more a month for all the services.

I was on the internet quite a bit last night. It is sure nice to take my leisure time and not get yelled at for hogging the computer.

We really like our little Acer netbook that I bought two weeks ago. We have taken it out to McDonald's and used their free wi-fi. We are going to take it on our trip to Las Vegas this weekend. Gary uses it for his sports betting and he can read the screen on the Acer better than on my phone.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still Not Wireless

I didn't think I would have so much trouble getting wireless internet. Mom in little Meeteetse gets better customer service that I do here.

A Qwest now CenturyLink tech was supposed to be at the house today between 9:30-1:30 to get my internet working. I took 4 hours off from work just to be at the house as requested when I called the tech support last Friday morning.

I did get some housework done though and waited very patiently. No tech arrived. At 1:30 I called tech support again. Naturally I got a different person than "Chris". Today I talked to Renee. Renee told me that there was no work order put in for a tech today on my account. We went through the trouble shooting again, to no avail. Renee scheduled a tech to come to my house on Friday between 9:30-1:30. This time the tech is to call me to make sure he is coming.

I arrived back to work very mad. I even called the customer service number but this is not the place where you lodge a complaint. I have to write a letter to the executive offices in Denver. There is not a phone number or even an e-mail where I can contact somebody to rant.

I decided to cancel my subscription with Qwest now CenturyLink and will find another wireless internet provider.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Bike

We are the proud owners of a 2012 Harley Triglide. Gary bought a new bike on Saturday. We had put a down payment on it last Saturday at the chili cook off. That was just to hold it so that it wouldn't sell during the week.

We took off all the extras that we put on the old bike, most importantly my windshield. Got it cleaned up and looking nice. We found the manuals on the Lehman conversion, the owner's manual for the bike was always kept inside. We even gave them our old tour pack bag since we will have a new one.

I followed Gary in the car, the weather was a bit iffy and we didn't know how long it would take to get everything done. We bought a luggage rack to put on the new one. We did get into a bit of rain once we hit the Pryor Hill and also wind.

We were at the dealership for 3 1/2 hours getting all the paperwork done and such. Computers didn't want to work hard on a Saturday. Got the luggage rack installed and the battery tender. There was supposed to be one on it, but they had to take one off another bike to put on ours.

We purchased the extended warranty and also a prepaid service package. Instead of a two year warranty we now have a four year warranty. Also all the service for the bike for the next two years is already paid for.

For extras we each bought new helmets. Didn't have the size we needed so have to order them. The kind we got this time has sunglasses built in. Gary also bought the fender protectors. We didn't know about them for the old bike and the fenders were really beat up by rocks and bugs.

The dealership didn't have time to put on the fender protectors so we will have to take the bike up at a later date to get those on.

Headed home and we missed the big hail storm that hit Hardin. Got into town and we could tell that a storm had come through. In fact we missed all the rain coming home.

There are some things that we are going to have to get used to on the new bike. It has a security system on it that in order to start it up you need to have the fob within 5 feet of the bike. Need to make sure that we have our keys with us all the time now. This bike has reverse. We didn't get it on the old one as we would have been charged an extra $1200 for it. We just parked smart and the few times we had to push it back.

Gary says that the new one has more power than the old one. The engine in the new one is a 103 and our old one was a 96. I don't understand all the engine power and stuff like that so I will just take his word for it. Also this one is not as wide as the old one.

I've attached a photo of the triglide. Ours is blue and black.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Going Wireless

Getting wireless internet is a chore and a nightmare. It is not an easy thing to do.

Called two wireless internet providers for the Hardin area. The first one I called is Big Horn Wireless at TCT. This is the same company that Mom has for her wireless.

TCT would have to do a site survey to see if I could get their signal. They do not have any wiring here in Hardin. If I can get service, then it would be a $40 deposit, $199 installation fee of the dish on the roof of my house. My monthly bill would be $46.45 per month and I would be required to buy my own router. Yikes, that is pretty expensive in my book. Told them that I would have to think about it.

Then I called Qwest which is now CenturyLink. I would only have to pay $20 activation fee, I would be activated by 5:00 pm on the 13th. Qwest would send me a modem and I would pay $99 for that which they will conveniently bill me. My bill will be $34.95 per month. Since I'm a new customer I would only pay $19.99 for the first six months to see if I like the service. Then I would go to the regular monthly fee. They will even throw in a $50 gift card that I can use for the modem. Wonderful, sign me up.

We did get the modem yesterday at 4:00 pm. When I got home from work, called the tech support number and they will walk me through everything, no problems. There is a problem. I am not getting any internet signal. Called tech support again and the problem is that my activation is pending. I was supposed to be activated by 5:00 pm. The little tech said that technically the day hasn't ended and they do have until midnight to get me activated. Looking back he didn't say in what time zone for the 5:00pm activation.

Got up this morning, went swimming still no internet connection. Called tech support again and did all the troubleshooting still nothing. They are going to have to send a tech out to the house. I asked them what time that would be as I would have to take time off from work.

The soonest a tech will be at the house is on Wednesday the 19th between 9:30am-1:30 pm. They do require that a person over the age of 18 be present with the tech. I asked if they could pinpoint the time better but no deal. All right I will just take time off from work and will be home then. The tech had better arrive. I better not see a Qwest or CenturyLink truck around town in the mean time.

Called the billing department this morning because I don't want to be charged for a service that I'm not getting. The gal advised me that she did make a note of it because they certainly don't want me to pay for a service that I'm not getting.

Will have to watch my bill very closely when I get it. Didn't realize that it was going to be a chore getting wireless internet.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meeteetse Visit

Went to Meeteetse on Sunday and came home on Monday. I went to get my Grandma fix. I haven't seen my Grandmother all summer and since I had a three day weekend and the weather was nice a great time to go.

Got my car loaded and headed on out, first stop was getting a cup of coffee at McDonald's and away I went. I did get a bit of a late start as I helped Gary get some of our personal items off the bike.

I met the Gma's at Lucilles for lunch and what perfect timing, we both arrived at the same time. Got in a nice lunch then to the house for some visiting.

Grandma, ever the best organizer I have met told me that we have to start planning Mom's birthday bash next year. My mom meets the next milestone of being 3/4 of a century old next year.

We got the date picked out and times, the problem with planning a huge party like this is the logistics with my brother and sisters. But we will get it figured out. So far we have the no host family dinner on Friday, the open house party on Saturday and a BBQ on Sunday.

The hard part is getting the Schumacher Family here, their schedule in July is already jammed packed that I think they are going to have to clone themselves to be everywhere they need to be. But we will get it worked out. For the rest of us, no problem with scheduling.

Went out to the Elkhorn for dinner and a drink. Had a good meal and great time. Got back home and Grandma fell, hurting her arm. I think I'm going to have to take some lessons from her. When I fall I end up breaking something, but she manages to come out with a few bruises and scrapes. Mom and I got her patched up the best we could.

Monday morning we went out for coffee and met a young man from France traveling through. We had coffee with Gladys and I got to hear some stories. For lunch we ate at the Senior Citizens and more stories.

After lunch it was time to go home. We took Grandma to the clinic because a couple of her wounds would not stop bleeding. She was ok and the doc fixed her up a bit better than Mom and I did. He had the better tools.

Had a great visit and got my Grandma fix that will hold me for a while.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chili Feed

Saturday Gary and I went up to Billings as the Harley dealership was having a chili cook off. Our chapter had an entry in it. We went to sample the chili which didn't start until 11:00 am.

We went to Billings early to run some errands. I got my hair trimmed and also bought a new computer. It is a cute little Acer netbook actually. We bought this for when we travel and on the occassions when we both need the computer. That is usually all the time. All I need to do is get wireless internet at the house.

We also tried to find a dv recorder, but apparently those things no longer exist. You either rent the machines through your cable company or you buy a tivo and pay for that service. With the new laws that have come out in the last couple years, you no long can buy a dv recorder off the shelf. I guess the cable companies felt that they were getting ripped off somehow. We only record one show and decided that if our vcr dies on us wait until the tv show comes out on dvd and buy it. Cheaper than paying a monthly service for one show.

One of our vcr's did die on us and we can still use our older one. For some unexplained reason we kept the old one. Probably because it got buried with some other stuff and we forgot all about it.

Made our way to the dealership. Boy was that some expensive chili for us. Not only did we pay our $3 each to sample the 18 different chilis, Gary put a downpayment on a new trike. There is nothing wrong with our old one just that it is getting old. Talked to the saleman and he gave us the blue book value on our old one sight unseen and we were pleasantly surprised. Talked to the guy and put a downpayment on it so that it wouldn't get sold before we can make it back on Saturday. I also get a new helmet in the deal.

Now we have the week to clean of the old bike and take off all the extras that we put on it and clean it up. I told Gary that he is taking off his new windshield that I bought in Rapid City with my winnings in June.

We sampled alot of chili, voted for our favorite ones then headed home. We had spent enough money all ready.

We go back to the dealership on Saturday and start the wheeling and dealing.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cody Tae Kwon Do Tournament

Saturday we had nine students compete in the Cody Tae Kwon Do Tournament. Seven of them are new to the tournaments and were very nervous. They all did extremely well and we are very proud of them. All of them came home with medals. In fact they all medaled in the events they were entered in. Had one boy who couldn't spar, he forgot to pack his mouth guard and had no way to get one. He was not allowed to spar without it. Felt sorry for him, but he is one of our older students and has been to many tournaments so he knows better. They are to bring their medals to class on Tuesday so that I can take a group photo. It's just too hard to get that done at the tournament. Our students are bringing home 17 medals, 6 golds, 6 silvers and 5 bronzes.

We decided to spend the night in Cody after the tournament. It makes for a very long day if we drive back home afterwards. During the summer I had earned enough points for a free night at the Best Western Motel, so we stayed there. Jennifer paid for her own room at $140.

We left Hardin at 5:00 am to eat a good breakfast in Billings. Once we got into Cody, Gary wanted to see how the GPS on my phone would direct us to the school. I had paper maps with directions that I gave to the students. The GPS had us go in a weird way. We turned right, then an immediate left which took us through a residentail area. Due to the road being closed for construction we had to make several other turns before we got on the street we should be on. We did arrive at the school, but it was so stupid. My paper map had us turn left like we were going to Powell, then you turn right onto the street where the school is, pretty simple.

I guess if you didn't know Cody at all the GPS would be ok, after all we did arrive there, however I love my paper maps.

I told Gary that when we left the school after the tournament did he want to use the GPS to find the hotel or was he ok. He replied that he would be ok.

We got checked into our motel and we were able to relax. Gary and I went to the hot tub and pool to soak. We ate supper at a Mexican restaurant call La Comida. We were able to eat outside along the sidewalk. So glad that the weather was nice in October.

We left for home at 8:00 am on Sunday as Gary wanted to get home in time to watch the football games. We had choices for breakfast, could eat the free breakfast in the lobby, which was rolls, cereal, and we could get sausage and eggs or you could eat at the restaurant for 20% off your meal. We decided to eat at the restaurant.