Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Color Belt Promotion Test

This is a very busy time for us in tae kwon do.  Last Friday was the color belt promotion test, we had 10 students test and they all received their next level belts.  They worked hard for them.  One of my students is a pretty tough cookie.  She had to see the dentist in the afternoon and ended up having a tooth pulled, she still tested.  By the end of the night she was hurting.  Poor thing.

Gary was told by Grand Master Park that he will be testing for his Master (5th degree black)in October.  Poor guy just wanted to retire from tae kwon do quietly but that isn't going to happen.  He will be testing in October.  Now he has to get back to the school and start working on his forms and then he will have to demonstrate some hand techniques.  Brandon(grandson) is going to help him on this.  I'm glad.

In March we have 4 students testing for their 1st degree black belts.  They are all stressing out about it so we are having a class on Monday nights just for them.  We are allowing our other two red belt students come to this class also, they are the children of one of the testers. Our Monday class is only going to be for two months.

Our little school is growing and I hope that everyone keeps coming.  I signed up six new students in the last two weeks.  We are getting a bit crowded now.  I also have 7 students who live in Custer come.

We talked to the parents and worked out a deal with the Custer people.  Since they live so far out they are going to come to a two hour class on Wednesday.  It was the only way we could get everyone in comfortably.  I have another lady interested in coming back.  She came last year with her children but they got involved in other school activities.  They live way out towards Busby so they came one night a week for two hours.

I saw her the other day in the courthouse and she expressed interest in coming back.  Told her about the Custer family and she would like to come back, just need to get in touch with her and let her know about our Wednesday class.  Her children are involved in school activities so she is in town every night, this would give her the opportunity to get back in.

Our Wednesday class will be from 6:00-8:00, that time works best for them.  Makes it a quick turn around for me but gives me time to get off work and then get to class.

Right now we have 30 students who come on a regular basis.  I'm excited because our school is now making a little profit.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Last year I made a New Year resolution to save my money that I would spend in the vending machine at work.  I did it!!  At the time the candy bars were .75 and I was buying one a day and spending $3.75 a week.  I decided to save $4 a week.  I saved $212 last year. 

I'm going to do the same thing this year, except I'm going to save $5 per week.  At the end of the year I should have around $260.

The candy bars are now .85 from the vending machine, so it will be easier to save now.  I have spent some of my savings when I upgraded my phone.  Think I will save the rest for my travels this year.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review of 2013

It was a year of travel for the Limings.  We had a wonderful 2013.

1.  We went to Hawaii in Jan.  That was our Christmas from 2012.  Visited the island of Oahu.
2.  In April I went on two road trips.  This first was our annual girls' trip to San Diego.  We went to meet the newest member of the family.  My great nephew Alfred Dwyer was born in March.
3.  At the end of April, Gary and I went to Laughlin Nevada with friends for the River Run Motorcycle Rally.
4.  Summer arrived and we took many trips on our Harley.  In June we went on our annual Deadwood Gambler's Run and rode all over the Black Hills with the HOG Chapter.
5.  In July we rode to Meeteetse to visit my sister Bonnie and her family, then we went to Cody and met with our Aussie HOG friends.  Escorted them on a ride over Chief Joseph and Bear Tooth.

6.  In August we rode on the Nation of Patriots Ride from Billings to Jackson.  This was our 4th year doing this with our friends.  We escort the American Flag.
7.  In October, we went to Las Vegas for a week.  Gary and I bought a time share in 2012, so stayed in our condo.  We like it so much that we upgraded. That's it for our big road trips.
8.  In May, Gary and I celebrated our 26 wedding anniversary by paying off the mortgage on our house. 
9.  In March I tested and received my 4th degree black belt in tae kwon do.
10.  We remodeled our kitchen.  We started the process in on Memorial Day and we finally got it done in mid September.  I went 9 weeks without a kitchen.  Just have to paint and put up back splash then we are done.
11.  In March I got a new car, 2013 Dodge Dart.  It has alot of whistle and bells about the only thing it doesn't have is navigation.  I got it just in time for our girls road trip to California.
12.  In November my son Jason and daughter in law moved back to Hardin from California.  Jeni's family also moved with them.  They are adjusting to living up here and surviving their first winter.
This is the high lights of 2013.  Looking forward to 2014, we are already planning road trips, so far we have 4 planned.