Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Our original plans for Memorial Day Weekend were canceled due to the weather.  We were going to go to Fort Peck with a couple of friends for a ride.  Fort Peck has a summer theater and we were going to see the play "The Odd Couple" female version.  Mother Nature had different ideas.  The weekend was so wet, rainy and cold and with snow in the forecast to where we were going, it was best to cancel.

I had taken Friday off to give me a 4 day weekend, that was when I put flowers on the graves in Hardin and Lodge Grass.  I have to get more flowers, while in Lodge Grass found more of Gary's family buried there.  I at least got that done before the rain hit, now just have to pick up the flowers sometime.

The rest of the weekend was spent staying home and relaxing, did get some housework done.  We mostly watched movies on tv.  We did go to Billings on Saturday to pick up a few things.  We wanted to eat breakfast at the Lariet but it was closed over the weekend, the other restaurant was so full that you couldn't get in without a long wait.  We ended up eating breakfast in Billings.

Monday Jennifer and I went to Billings, I was going to attend to the memorial in the morning, but it was too cold and windy to be standing outside.  Had a good time in Billings, Jennifer bought some new shoes and other stuff. 

We always stop at Barnes & Noble when we are in town, Jennifer's favorite book store.  I grabbed a magazine and a cup of coffee to pass the time, when my friend Lynn arrived with her family.  Got a short visit with her then we headed home.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Freedom Ride & Jam

Gary and I spent the weekend on the motorcycle.  We put on about 500 miles, good thing Gary got the first service done on Friday.  Unfortunately he had to ride home in the pouring rain.

Saturday was bright and sunny, in fact the whole weekend was beautiful.  Looked a bit doubtful on Friday.  The Freedom Ride & Jam was a benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Two women put the whole thing on and what a wonderful job they did.

Registration for the ride was at 12:00-1:00 pm.  The cost for a couple was $40 and that got you a poker hand and two meal tickets, plus to get in to the jam at the American Legion.  For $5 more you could buy an extra poker hand.  We just played the one card.

The ride took us to Joliet, Columbus, Absarokee, Red Lodge and back to Billings.  The last draw was at the American Legion.  Our friends the Butterfields, Davis, Dick Russell and Ron Steigerwald rode with us.  There must have been over 50 bikes for the poker run.  We waited a bit for the large group to head on out before we left.  Poker runs are a bit hard to ride in, many treat it as a race and many drink at every stop.  We just had to be at the Legion by 5:30 to get our last draw.

The weather was great, looked a bit iffy at Absarokee, looked like it was raining on the route we had to go to get to Red Lodge.  Fortunately the mountains held it in check while we were going through.  We got back to Billings with a couple hours to spare.  Gary and I decided to spend the night since we had a chapter ride meeting on Sunday anyway.  Besides, with the drinking we would be doing didn't want to be riding home in the dark with alcohol.

The Butterfields picked us up at our motel that way Gary didn't have to ride.  We got a pretty good table.  Got our last card, picked up some pins for the Wounded Warrior Project.  For dinner we had pulled BBQ pork sandwiches with three different salads and chips with salsa.  It was good.  A Boy Scout Troop was clearing off the tables.  They were quick about it too, once that last bite was in your mouth your plate was gone.  You were done.

It took the jam part a bit to get started and not very many bikers stayed.  Just a small handful, mostly the Beartooth Harley employees and us.  There was a live band and they were pretty good.  The band was called Jon Buck & Reckless, they played older rock & roll and country.  Not the nasal twangy country, what I would call rock country.  We stayed until 10:30 and had a good time.

Sunday morning we met the Davis's for breakfast then headed over to the dealership for our chapter ride to Harlowton.  Due to road construction we couldn't go our usual route to Lavina then over.  Instead we took I-90 to Big Timber then on up to Harlowton.

There were 28 bikes in all a great turn out.  We rode as a group and it looked fantastic going down the highway.  Usually we stick to the two lane highways, but needed to be in Harlowton by 12:30.  We made it in time.  Our meeting was held at the Sportsmen Club and they had a special menu for us.  Gary and I split a lunch, I was still full from breakfast.  At the meeting I won a can coozie as a door prize.  I think between the two of us, we have enough coozies for a six pack.

After the meeting we are on our own getting back home, this is when we divide up into smaller groups.  Again due to road construction around Harlowton we came home the same way, but stayed off the interstate.  We had a small break at Columbus for a drink at McDonald's.  Said our goodbyes then headed home.

We got home around 5:00 which is fairly early for us on these rides.  Had nothing to eat for supper at the house, so Jennifer took us out for supper at the Chinese Buffet.

It was a fun weekend, now we have to wash the bike and get ready for our ride next weekend to Fort Peck.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Had a very wonderful weekend for Mother's Day.  On Saturday we were originally going to do the Harley dealership ride to Red Lodge.  The mom's were going to get a sneak peek at the Harley store in Red Lodge.  Most likely merchandise was on sale to make room for the new stuff.  Any way we got a better offer with our friends.

The plan was to ride to Big Timber and have lunch.  We met the group at the Holiday gas station off of Zoo Drive, there were 11 of us all together.  One lady decided that she had to stay home and clean her house.  The guys decided to ride to McLeod which is 16 miles south of Big Timber and eat at the Roadkill Saloon.  We had a chapter meeting there last year.

It was a very nice day for a ride, couldn't ask for better weather wasn't hot or cold and no wind or rain.  We got to the saloon and wasn't sure if it was open yet, but the owner heard us outside and said she was open.  She has a very limited menu.  She bought the business last year and has been open not quite a full year yet.  Our choices to eat were $6 sandwiches.  She doesn't have a grill to cook burgers or anything like that.  She told us that she is working on that.  The sandwiches were good though.  While we were having lunch our friend Joan wanted to get together on Sunday for Mother's Day breakfast in Rockvale.  We are the women who are empty nest mother's.  It sounded great so she made the reservations.

McLeod is about 140 miles from Hardin and one of those places that once you are there what else are you going to do.  There is a natural bridge just up the road about 5 miles but with this group we don't do the scenic thing.  Will have to go back someday and just be a tourist and see the scenery.  There is a gravel road that will take you into Livingston after the bridge area.  Will have to explore on my own unless I can talk Mmom into going, she likes to explore.

After lunch we rode back to Billings and went to the motorcycle shop Bad Boys, they were having an event called Ride N Shine.  I didn't think it was a big deal, just a few motorcycles with nice graphics.  Gary enjoyed it.  Most of the people hanging around were from other motorcycle gangs (not nice like the HOG).  Before going back home to Hardin, we rode into Huntly with our friends Marty & Vickie for a drink. 

Sunday we got up and headed out to meet the gang again at the gas station.  We rode the back roads to Rockvale and had an excellent breakfast.  There were only 8 of us this day.  Our friend Joan came up with the idea since none of us had any big plans for Mother's Day. 

It was such a nice day and pretty early so we made a little ride out of it.  After breakfast we then rode to Joliet over to Columbus and then back to Billings.  Gary stopped at the dealership so that he could make an appointment to get the first service done on the bike.  Our friends went with us.  I did find a nice jacket for summer riding.  Told Gary about it since my birthday is coming up next month.  Doubt he would buy it for me, the jacket is white and would probably be black after the first ride.  It really was a cute jacket and not too pricey only $110.

We got home to Hardin early, at least for us when we are out riding.  Had time to relax.  When Jennifer got off work, we went out for dinner at the 4 Aces. 

It was a very nice weekend and praying that this weather will hold for all summer.  Last year we had nothing but rain and only a couple months of summer.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jen's Korea Trip

Here are some photos from Jen's trip.  The rest are on my Picasa site.  She had a good time and was very glad that she went.  Said that 14 days was enough and glad to be home.  Had good weather the whole time only rain one day and that was in the morning.  Looking at her photos, I so want to go and really hope that there will be another one in the future.  I have heard that this was the last trip, but Grand Master Park has said that before.  Enjoy the photos.




Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anniversary Celebration

Gary and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by going to Jackpot Nevada for the weekend.  We wanted to do something to celebrate 25 years besides the usual of going to Billings for a nice dinner.  We wanted to do something fun that we both enjoy and we came up with going to Jackpot.

Jackpot is 600 miles from here depending on which route you take.  If you take I-90 to Dillion to get the I-15, it is 650 miles and about 10 hours of driving.  Going I-90 to Belgrade and going through West Yellowstone that is 600 miles and 10 hours of driving. 

We left Hardin bright and early at 5:00 am, stopped at McDonalds and picked up some breakfast burritos and coffee and headed down the road.  Wanted to get to Jackpot in time to place our bets on the basketball games.  We just made quick stops on the way.  We did split up the driving.

Gary drove the first leg to Dillon, while I drove the rest to Jackpot.  Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to see Robert in Idaho Falls as the timing didn't work out.  He couldn't meet us on either day when we were in Idaho Falls.  Next time.  On our way home we took the West Yellowstone route, it's more scenic.

I hate driving through Twin Falls to get to Jackpot.  I always miss my turn to get on the highway.  Twin Falls does not believe in putting up signs telling you which direction to go.  Didn't use the GPS on my phone because we thought we were smart.  The last time we went through Twin Falls, it was a straight shot through town to get to the interstate on the truck route.  Simple enough.  No it wasn't.  We got to town, didn't see any signs telling us which way to go.  Naturally I went the wrong way, ended up going through a residential area.  At one intersection I saw a sign that said Wells, while Gary saw a sign for the highway we needed on the other side.  We did make it through, but I said never again.  On our way home we used the GPS and no problem.  Saw where I made my mistake.  Of course Twin Falls does not believe in any signage what so ever.

We got to Jackpot at 3:00 and placed our bets on the ball games, then we checked into our hotel.  We stayed at Barton's 93.  Our rooms was on the hillside which was supposed to be cheaper than staying in the main hotel.  This particular weekend the price was the same because of some gala going on.  Next time we won't stay cheap.  All the advertisement stated that you got free wi-fi, you did just not in the hillside section.  The room was very basic, we got beds had a working bathroom and it was clean.  No microwave and the tv was smaller than my computer screen.  The room was clean and it was large.

We had a good time, lost money on the ball games and I did win enough on the machines that paid for our meals.  We came home with money just not as much as we left with.  After going to Vegas last fall, these little casino towns are boring.  We have decided to take a trip to Vegas twice a year starting in 2014 when Gary retires.

The Kentucky Derby was going on and alot of people were betting on the horses.  I didn't but I did pick the horse that I liked, I'll Have Another.  I remember Grandma giving Bonnie advice to pick a name that you like.  Turns out I should have bet because that was the horse that won.