Friday, November 28, 2008

Eating And Shopping

We survived our Thanksgiving feast. Jennifer's friend came over to eat and he stayed for about 3 hours. We all had a real nice visit and enjoyed some good cooking. Jennifer helped me quite a bit this year. Told her that it was time for her to learn how to cook a holiday feast. We still have alot of left overs to eat up. We watched the football games until Gary got bored with them. Both games were pretty boring. Then we watched movies.

Today, Gary and I went to Billings for some shopping. I was surprised that he wanted to go shopping, especially on this day of all days. I took the day off from work as Gary already had it off. I did stop by my office to pick up pay checks, then left. First we stopped at McDonald's for a cup of coffee and shared a cinnamon melt. Saw an old high school friend of mine there, so visited with her for a bit. She just got done shopping at one of the local stores in town. We also saw one of our tae kwon do kids and her family there.

We got on our way to Billings, first stop was the bank. We are a victim of fraud so had to get that taken care of. We have to file some papers and hopefully will get this all taken care of. First order of business was to shut down the card that was used. I also cashed in my jar of coins. Surprisingly I had $154. Well actually I had $153.99, I did manage to find a penny in the bottom of my purse. I didn't think I had that much. I'm saving that to buy a new mp3 player or ipod so that I can listen to audiobooks from the library. The library doesn't have it up and running yet, I've been waiting patiently for two months now. First I have to find out what players will work with the system. I do have my shuffle that I won last summer and will have to try and see if that will work first. If it does, then I'm in business, just have to wait for the library to get in gear and get their system up and running. I already bought the converter so that I can listen to the ipod through my car speakers. In the mean time, I have to actually check out books and sit down and read them.

After we got our bank business done we then made our way to the Harley dealership. I won $70 a couple weeks ago at the chapter meeting and we saved our money to buy some Harley Davidson jeans. When we bought the bike in April, we got a card with all kinds of discounts, so today we bought a pair of jeans and got the other one free. Nothing in the dealership is affordable, things are just way too expensive. My pair of jeans were $10 more than Gary's. I tried on my normal size but they were just a bit too tight. I could get them on and zipped, but it was just a bit too tight for my taste. I would be uncomfortable wearing them while riding on the bike. So I had to go up to the next size, which actually fits like my normal sized jeans. I just have to remember that the Harley clothes are smaller than normal. I'm not going to let it get to me, but it is frustrating. Especially when the quality of the jeans is not better or worse than what I can get at Wal-Mart and such. But we are paying for the name. Our next purchase will be 15% off on any item in stock at the store, including clothes. We are going to think about what to get before we spend money, but will more than likely buy some clothes.

After the dealership, it was time for lunch. At first we were going to go to the mall to eat, but then decided that it wouldn't be a good idea with all the shoppers and kids visiting Santa. We went to a couple restaurants, but they weren't open for lunch so we did end up in the mall. It really wasn't that bad, we did get a place to sit in the food court right away. The mall is where we saw everybody. First we met up with Gary's daughter in law and her daughter Shayla. Shayla had been looking forward for Black Friday shopping, but she ended up getting sick. She still went anyway, but she sure didn't look good. While we were eating, we met up with my cousins from Buffalo. Beverly and her sister Barbara saw us, along with Tina, her husband and daughter. We visited with Bev and Barb for a bit, then they went on their way and we finished our lunch.

We saw Bev and Barb a couple times in the mall, one they were all separated and the next they had all managed to find each other. After the mall we went to Wal-Mart just to look around, nothing in particular. We saw Bev and Barb again, we just laughed at this and accused them of following us around. They were hoping that we would pay for their stuff too. I did buy a sd card for my camera. A 2G card for $7, now I'm all set for Ireland. We did buy a couple gifts for people too.

Gary was bored with shopping, once we got done at the dealership and ate he was ready to go home. I was ready to shop. After a while it was just better to head on home. In the afternoon the traffic was horrible, it was like the early birds got their second wind and started on the next shift.

We survived our shopping excursion. Saw alot of people from Hardin we know shopping, now we can just relax and eat left overs.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dentist Visit & Thanksgiving

Yesterday I had a dental visit. This was just supposed to be a quick check up and then I would get the next one to have my teeth pulled. My daughter was off yesterday so she made the trip with me, after all I need my therapy. She decided to be dropped off at Wal-Mart and she would wait for me there. No problem.

I dropped her off and then made my way to my appointment. I got in right away. I've been having problems with oneof my teeth with being sensitive to cold. Well, my quick check up ended up being three fillings and a mold of my bottom teeth. I was at the dentist for two hours. So much for a quick check up.

The doc had a cancellation and since I was already there, might as well get the fillings done, especially since one is sensitive. I got moved from one room to another. The dentist gives me te good stuff to numb my mouth, since it takes quite a while to get numb. Getting the fillings was quite the ordeal. First he puts the thing that he calls a button, it feels like a bear trap getting put into my mouth, after he puts the botton around my tooth, I then get a big plastic thing around it so that the water doesn't drown me. The drill is the worst part. He did hit one part of the tooth that about sent me to the roof. Once we got past the most sensitive part it really wasn't that bad. The only thing is that he kept hitting my sore teeth in the front.

Once I got the fillings put it, he decided that he would take the mold of my bottom teeth. The only thing that I have to say about that is why can't they make the paste tasty. It felt like my mouth was stuffed full of mashed potatoes, only mashed potatoes tastes so much better. He wouldn't do my upper teeth because he didn't want my front teeth yanked out.

My next appointment is in two weeks. This is when I get my 10 teeth extracted. He is also going to shape my gums. I am not going to be knocked out, he is only going to numb my mouth, but he did say that the extractions will be very easy. He did give me a prescription for some happy pills. I will be taking 2 pills to make me relax. He said I would be relaxed like I drank a liter of wine. I will take one pill the night before and the other one an hour before my appointment. He was very explicit that I don't drive, I will need to have someone drive me up and back home. Really not looking forward to this but I want to get this done and not have to wait forever.

After my appointment, Jennifer and I had some therapy. I bought a new pair of jeans and a book. Jennifer asked if she could invite a friend over for Thanksgiving, no problem because we aren't going anywhere or doing anything special.

Her friend will be coming over tomorrow to eat. He is by himself and all he was going to do was go to Subway to get his turkey dinner. My pies are done tonight and now I can relax and get ready for some heavy duty cooking tomorrow.

Friday, Gary and I are going to Billings, not bright and early but we are going to spend my winnings on some Harley Davidson jeans. We get a buy one get one free special that we need to use up by April.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

White Elephants

Last week we went to the HOG chapter meeting in Billings. It was a pot luck dinner and a white elephant auction. I had made my layer jello salad to take. We didn't have anything for the auction and I wanted to see what else the others were bringing. Besides that I couldn't find any white elephants.

We had our meeting first and we had to vote for the assistant director of the chapter. Got that done, then they awarded prizes for the mileage contest and also gave out patches for members who have been in for 5 or more years.

They were selling raffle tickets and I had Gary buy some. We didn't know what they were for so I figured that maybe the tickets were to raffle off the white elephant items, but then that kind of defeats the purpose of the auction. Anyway he bought $10 worth of tickets.

One of the most popular rides the group takes is the Gambler's Run to Deadwood. Gary really wants to do this ride so we listened intently to the information and took down the phone numbers that are needed. The ride is in June and we will spend four wonderfully fun days gambling and riding.

After we ate, they drew numbers for the raffle. I won $70, it was actually a 50-50 raffle and my winning ticket was the very end one. I was shocked because we usually don't win anything like this. We are going to use the money to buy some Harley Davidson jeans. When we bought the bike, Gary got a card with some discount stuff on it and one of the items is to buy a pair of jeans and get the other one free.

The auction was alot of fun, some very good items and some gag items. One of the gag items is the Harley Davidson phone. I guess this was the 3rd year that it has been up for auction, will see if it makes it for next year. We didn't bid on anything, didn't feel right because we didn't bring anything.

I did get alot of ideas for next year. We are still learning all the tricks of the group and next year we will be seasoned.

I did make our reservations at the hotel for the Gambler's Run. I was the 4th person to do so. My friend who works in the office next to mine recommended that I make my reservations now. Her son is getting married in June at Deadwood and they are staying at the same hotel we will be staying and she said that when she made her reservations, they were full. The chapter did block off a group of 35 rooms. So for sure we are taking at least 2 days vacation in June.

This is a short week of work for me. I only have to work for 2 days. Tuesday is my dental appointment. This is when I get a check up and they will schedule the date for me to get my teeth pulled. Thursday is of course turkey day. We are just staying home watching football and eating. Gary has Friday off so I took it off too. We plan on going to Billings for some shopping, but we aren't getting up bright and early. We plan on leaving Hardin probably around 9:00 am.

I will run down to the office to pick up my paycheck information. I have direct deposit, but will have to get the other paperwork for the office and then I'm out of there.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flu Season

Flu season is officially here. I got my flu shot on Friday at work. The county works with the public health nurse and they schedule a day for employees and their families to get the flu shot.

I get one every year, mainly because if I don't then the VA gets after me, so it is easy to just get the shot at work. This way I don't have to take any time off and my health insurance pays 100 percent.

I got my shot right away, but not after filling out paperwork. This year we had a choice on flu shots. We could either get the shot or the nasal spray.

After reading the information on the two, I decided to go with the shot. The nasal spray is a live virus. Now who in their right mind would want the live virus sprayed up their nose. Well, people who are afraid of needles. I told the nurse to give me the dead stuff.

I had a choice in that too. I could get the kind with the preservative or without. It didn't matter to me, I just go the shot.

I sat down at the table and visited with the health nurse. We got caught up on what our kids were doing and where they are. Her kids swam on the swim team as Jennifer both with the Otters and the Bulldogs.

I got the shot in my left arm as I need my right arm. My arm doesn't hurt at all, it was all pretty painless. However, I just had to laugh to myself on how the nurse was giving me the shot. She was aiming like I was a dart board. I wanted to ask her if I should draw a bulls eye on my arm. I kid you not, she was really aiming. Most of the time when I get a shot, I just get it.

So, I'm protected for this year and I shouldn't get sick.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Church Breakfast

Every second Sunday during the months of September through May, the church has breakfast. There are enough groups that each one only has to cook once. November was my groups turn. We always fix french toast, scrambled eggs, ham, regular toast, coffee and juice. It takes at least 3 women to cook. I was asked to help and I told them that I would, but that I would be out of town Friday and Saturday, but would be back to help cook. That means someone would have to get the groceries. I was told that would be no problem.

Sunday morning I got up bright and early to get to the church to start fixing breakfast. We serve at 8:30 and 10:30. Setting the tables takes the longest. I get there and was the first person. I checked the refrigerator and it was empty. I tried calling the woman who was supposed to get the groceries with no answer. Great, no one else is coming so far. By now it is about 7:15, so I go to Father Fabians house. I ring the doorbell and no answer. I figured maybe he was in the church. The doors were unlocked. No sign of Father in the church, but there was a man practicing the organ, getting ready for mass. I asked him if he has seen Father and he hadn't.

I go back to the house to try again. I rang the back doorbell, the front doorbell still no answer. By this time I'm in a panic to figure out what to do. No cooking helpers have arrived, it is 7:30, no sign of Father Fabian. People are starting to arrive for mass and as far as anyone knows Father is supposed to be there. I just can't run to the store and get the groceries right away and fix breakfast by myself. The store doesn't open until 8 on Sundays.

Finally Father answered his door. He said that breakfast was canceled because they couldn't get any workers. He knew I was out of town, but I didn't get any messages. I have given them my number, but no one can remember it or hasn't written it down. Father left a message on Mom's answering machine for me. I never check her machine. That was such a relief.

I decided then to go to early mass since I was already at church anyway. This way I was able to go with Gary to Billings for a Patriot Guard Rider mission.

Afterwards I thought how horrible for my group. I'm in the group of working women. I was so disappointed that at least 2 other women wouldn't or couldn't give up their time to cook breakfast for church.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day

I don't know about you, but I am so glad that the election is over and we can move on. I got so tired of all those political ads and they seemed to get more ridiculous as the election moved on. Not only did we get national and state, but we also got Wyoming political ads. No matter which one was airing, they were all the same, just the names were different. At least we get a break for a while from all those ads.

I had election day off as a holiday. I get general election day off every two years. This year we voted absentee. Montana has no excuse and it was so much easier. I really didn't have a good excuse not going to the polls. The biggest reason for voting absentee was that I was able to have my ballot at home and really go over it. At the polls, there are times when I feel that I have to hurry, especially when there is a line. For the state initiatives, I was able to read my voter information pamphlet and that made it so much easier.

It wasn't hard at all getting our ballots. Since I work in the court house, the election office is only a floor below me. Gary and Jennifer had to write a letter requesting their ballots and giving me authorization to pick it up for them. I just have to fill out an affidavit at the office. I brought them home and all we had to do was make sure the ballots were delivered to the election office by election day. I personally handed our ballots in, saving money on postage.

Living in a small town, we didn't have long lines like the bigger cities did. We did have a large voter turn out this year. Alot of state offices were up this year and because of term limits, they were all new people for the state senate and state house.

For my day off, I went out to coffee with Mom. We went to MoJoes and had one of our fru-fru coffees. It was very tasty and we visited with alot of people that we knew. Mom was able to show off her new photos of her newest granddaughter. I then came home and watched mindless tv with Jennifer. She had the day off too. We then picked up Gary during lunch and met Mom at Subway.

After lunch, Mom headed back to Wyoming and Jennifer and I still watched mindless tv. It was nice to just relax. I did manage to get a loaf of banana bread made. We then had our classes last night and the kids were pretty excited to have Obama win.

Now that Obama is the president elect, I can really kick myself for not going down to Crow when he was there in May. At the time I didn't want to deal with the large crowds, but now looking back I should have. When will I get another chance to see a presidental candidate in person.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting New Teeth

Last Tuesday was the last of my dental visits for the probing and scoping. This time they did the upper right side. My daughter and her friend went with me, but I dropped them off at Wal-Mart before going to the dentist's office. We went shopping after my appointment. I did buy a new pair of boots, I call them my therapy boots.

I got the the office and I'm greeted by my first name, I figure this is not a good sign. I've been there so often that they call me by my first name. I didn't have a long wait, got into the torture chamber and ready to go. First thing they do before they numb my mouth, I get my mouth stuffed with cotton swabs with this awful tasting stuff that is supposed to taste like cherries. Not. Then the fun part, getting the shots to numb my mouth. I get the normal three, then wait to see if my mouth is numb enough. Naturally it isn't so I get three more shots. One is in the roof of my mouth, ouch. We wait a few minutes. Thing are going good until she hit one tooth and I literally came out of my chair. She couldn't figure out why my mouth isn't numb with as many shots as I got, so here comes the doc with some stronger stuff.

He comes in and starts giving me a bad time, starts to laugh and rub his hands together. Not a good thing for a patient who hates dentists in the first place because of all the pain. So I got another set of three shots. Wow, nine shots in all, just to numb the upper right side of my mouth. By this time, my mouth is numb, so she was able to probe and scope away.

After she was done, the doc came in to give me the bad news. My two front teeth that I knocked loose when I fell two months ago just are not healing, in fact one is them is starting to die. I will be getting ten teeth in all pulled. I told the dentist that I want them taken out all at once. I don't want a few done then have to come back and get the rest pulled. I will be having the four upper front, the wisdom tooth on the upper right, and five lower front. He said that a bridge won't work, not for that many teeth. Said it would put too much pressure on the rest of my teeth and besides it isn't cost effective. About $1000 per tooth, so you can see this adding up. He has recommended that I get partials. They will just be for the eight front teeth on the upper and lower. They will just hook onto the side teeth.

It will take four visits to get all of this done. One will be getting the teeth removed. He said I will be sore for a while and I will have a cap to put in for a temporary basis. It will make me look like I have teeth, but I won't. He wants me to heal up first before getting the mold taken. He said it would be a real pain to get the mold done right after because I will be so swollen and then it will take many visits to have the partials fitted right. He would much rather get it done right the first time.

My next appointment is on the 25th. This is a follow up for all the scoping and probing. According to the treatment plan sheet he gave me he has the removal scheduled at the same time. I have to find out tomorrow to confirm if my teeth will be removed on this date or not. I can't imagine that he will pull my teeth just a couple days before Thanksgiving. I'm hoping that it will be done after, but will do what he says. I do want to get all of this done before I have to start my deductable again with the insurance.

I have already talked to Mom and she will come with me to take me home. If need be, the grammas will be in Hardin for Thanksgiving. No sense in having Mom come up here, then drive back to Meeteetse the next day. If need be Gary will take the day off without pay. He doesn't get any sick at the store and he already used up all of his vacation over the summer. He only got one week of vacation and took that in August when we went through Yellowstone on the motorcycle.

I told my boss that I will be using up quite a bit of sick in December. Won't be too bad because our office isn't busy that time of year anyway. We already have reports done and the next batch won't be due until February. By that time I will be back to normal, at least I hope.