Sunday, October 26, 2008

Awesome Driver

While I was in sunny Southern California, I found out what an awesome driver my sister is. This was on Thursday when we were to go to San Diego to meet cousins for lunch. We were sitting around the house, waiting for my younger niece to get home from school. My oldest niece was deciding if she wanted to go with us or not. We soon got the lecture from her on how she was the best person to drive us down to San Diego. San Diego is about 60 miles south of Murrieta. We weren't sure who was going to drive, but we were going to have to go in Mary's van. That was the only vehicle large enough to take all of us without taking two cars. Mary said that if she didn't feel like driving I could. That sure perked up Katie's ears.

Katie then decided, no offense to us, that she is the best choice to drive to San Diego. She was the only one out of all of us that was taught how to drive in traffic and in California. Mary and I learned up here in Montana and Gramma learned so long ago in Wyoming. Katie has only been driving for 2-3 years. Between the rest of us, is many many many years.

Mary reminded Katie that I had lived out in California for 3 years and did drive in traffic. I also drove out to visit them twice and had to drive in traffic. You should have heard the bantering back and forth on who would be the better driver for the trip down to San Diego.

By the time Lexie got home from school, she was pretty tired and didn't want to go. The two girls decided that they were going to relax at the beach. They really would have been bored visiting with the "oldies" in San Diego. No other people their age was around anyway.

Mary decided that she wanted to drive. This was her first outing since Libby was born and she wanted some freedom and she knew where to go. If Mom or I drove, Mary would have had to direct us. We all managed to get in the van, the two little ones in their car seat and us older ones buckled in our seat belts, and away we went.

Backing out of the driveway, Mary asked us if we would be ok with her driving, since she wasn't an awesome driver.

I'm here to announce that Mary is an awesome driver. We got down to San Diego and back all in one piece and no scratches on the van.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Road Trip

When your little sister has a new baby the only good news is a road trip. Loaded up the car, picked up Mom and headed for sunny California. I was a bit worried that Libby wouldn't be here when I got to my sisters, but she made it in the nick of time.

I left Hardin bright and early at 5 am. Had to take Jennifer to work, then I went on my merry way. I got to Meeteetse at 8 am and got a short visit with Gma. I was going to help Mom load up the car with her stuff, but by the time I got outside she had it loaded in no time. We went back inside and Gma started getting after us to hit the road because we have a long ways to go. She was so funny. We left Meeteetse at 8:30 am. We cut through Yellowstone Park, not necessarily saving time, but we saved some miles. Besides we wanted to stop in Idaho Falls to see Robert.

We stopped in West Yellowstone for a short break and Mom didn't recognize it at all. Back in the day she said there was only 1 main street, she was completely lost. The morning was rainy and cloudy but just a few drizzles. We called Robert from West Yellowstone and made arrangements to meet him for lunch.

We got into Idaho Falls around 2 pm and Rob was already at the restaurant. Even though it was a short visit, it sure was nice to see him and get caught up on all the news. I even delivered some of his stuff that was at my house. He didn't have much, he had already picked up most of his stuff when he made some trips up here. We left Idaho Falls around 4 pm and headed on down to Provo. Naturally it was dark by the time we hit Provo, but we were able to find a motel just off the interstate. We wanted to get through all that Salt Lake traffic before Monday morning.

That night we checked in with Gma and Gary and we managed to get ahold of Ed, made arrangements to meet him for lunch. Our motel had a small continental breakfast, but it really wasn't much of anything. We were able to get a cup of so-so coffee and some rolls. Ed had called that morning and gave me directions on where to meet him for lunch. His directions had me driving into Las Vegas, but they weren't that bad.

On the road again. Had a bit of excitment, the fire alarm at our motel went off. The Provo fire department was at the motel. The fire truck was right next to my car, but the firemen were getting ready to leave, we didn't have to wait long just a couple minutes. Fortunately it was a false alarm, we never did find out what set it off. It was a bit cool in the morning, but the further south we get the warmer it got. By the time we hit St. George I had the air on.

The last time I was through this area was 4 years ago and St. George is really growing. Driving through the Virgin River Gorge was just awesome. That is such a pretty canyon. Mom was really happy being a passenger, she was just snapping away on her camera. I was laughing at her.

Once we got into Nevada we gained an hour. Made it to Las Vegas to meet Ed with no problems. The directions he gave me were right on. I figured he got them from someone else, but he gave me a map of Vegas from his work. I didn't recognize him at first, he has changed so much. Good thing he spoke to us first. I saw this guy walking toward us and just figured he worked at the resort right next door. Nope that was my brother. We had a good 2 hour visit with him.

Then we headed on to Murrieta. We called Lexie before leaving Vegas and she told me that it would be about 4 hours and she was right. Remember, when Mom and I travel together we never get to our destination when others think we should.

We finally got to the Schumacher's house around 8 pm. Keith and Gracie were outside waiting for us. Gracie was so excited to see Gramma and Patty.

We had such a good time all week taking care of the Schumachers. One of our jobs was taking Lexie to school. That poor girl has to be at school so early 7:30 am. She was just beat by the end of the week. The only bad part of our trip was that we weren't able to spend some time with Katie and Lexie. They were so busy with work and school. Maybe next time.

On Wednesday, we made a trip up to Oxnard to see Jason and Jeni. We spent most of the afternoon with them and we took them out to dinner for their 1 year anniversary, which is later this month. Met Jeni's family. They were so surprised that we drove all that way to California. Jason & Jeni and Jeni's aunt Susan made a trip to Murrieta on Friday. Mary took us to Pechanga for lunch at the buffet. It was very good and we got alot of visiting in just sitting outside.

On Thursday we made the trip to San Diego to visit with Bob & Patty. Sharon was there with her two boys and Gary came over for lunch. We were there for 4 hours and it sure didn't seem that long. That was Mary's first outing since Libby was born. She was sure tired when we got back to Murrieta.

Saturday was our last day there, so Mom and I made sure we got the last of the housework done. We went out and did a bit of shopping, but not much and we did see where Katie works. Later we met Keith and looked at some houses. Then we met their friends the Blocks at their new house. That night Mom and I took Keith, Mary and Libby out for dinner for the Schumacher's 20th anniversary. Keith took us to eat Mexican food and I had a great margarita.

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the trip back to Wyoming and Montana. The weekend before we left and snow storm hit up here and it was pretty nasty. Roads were very bad and some were even closed. Good thing I had an extra day off from work, as when we left the storms were over and the roads were bare and dry all the way.

We had a very nice visit and waiting for the time when we can make this trip again.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday Bonnie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONNIE!!!! This is the day that my baby sister was born, 40 years ago. When she was younger she was such a good little sister. She would mind her big sister with no problem. She didn't cause any problems, she was so cute.

It was when she got older that she started to become a brat. I'm really just kidding, she is still a sweet little thing. I had waited years to get even with her on this day. She had teased me unmercifully when I turned 40, I couldn't believe it. My baby sister would do this to me. I got even with her though.

She had been stewing all day about how I would get even. I bought her a card that played the theme to Star Wars and it teased her about how long long long ago she was born on this day. Her boys would get a kick out of it. I even put in a package of confetti inside the card. My idea was for her to open the car and all this confetti would be strewn around. She got my card, but she was so suspicious that she opened it very carefully. It is hard to get even when we live in different time zones. Even my daughter thought I was so mean to my sister. But she thought it was funny, especially when I explained to her how her aunt teased me.

I'm glad that she has embraced being 40, it really isn't all that bad. She even had the courage to tell her son's her true age. All these years she had her boys convinced that she is 29. I would give her a hard time about lying to her children.

Happy Birthday Bonnie, love ya.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy 20th Anniversay

Just a short note to wish Mary and Keith a very happy 20th anniversary. What a way to celebrate when your youngest daughter was born just yesterday. Here's wishing you more 20 years. I'll be seeing all of you in 5 days.