Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Added Job Duties

Last spring when I agreed to help the Elections Clerk stuff absentee envelopes for the Primary Election has turned into an added job for me.  Just that action alone has made me an Elections Clerk.

I did get the envelopes stuffed and it was about a week later when the County Commissioners had a meeting with Sandy and me to have us help Elections during the election cycle as she wasn't getting any cooperation with the office right across the hall from her.  We both said that would not be a problem.

I had elections equipment added to my computer and I was able to sit up here in my office and enter voters and such. 

Just a couple weeks ago the Elections Clerk was complaining to the commissioners that I wasn't putting in my time in the elections office.  Sandy and I both had the impression during the spring meeting that I was just supposed to help during the election cycle and that it wasn't to be all the time. What we didn't know was that the county was taking half of my wages out of the elections budget.

By the flick of a pen I am now working in Superintendent of Schools/ Elections/ DUI Task Force Coordinator and am on the Insurance Committee.  I am supposed to be getting a new job description but have to see it yet.

When I do get my new job description I have alot of questions. I want alot of assurances and I think I will ask for a bump in pay.  Afterall my work load has increased threefold now.  October 2015 is looking pretty good right now, that is when I will have my 30 years in with the county.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

4 Day Weekend

I had a 4 day weekend.  Friday I wasn't feeling well had a pounding headache so didn't go in to work.  Just stayed home napped and took it easy.

Saturday we stayed home, we did go the the double header basketball games as it was the last one and the only one we went to this year.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  I took my camera to get some practice with sports shots.  Still need more work on that.  I figured out that I had my ISO setting wrong.  I forget to change that setting.

Sunday we went to Billings for our HOG Chapter meeting.  It was nice and short.  We made our reservations for a couple rides already.  Going to Deadwood in June and Chico in September.  In fact we made our reservation for Chico last year when we were checking out.  We also finalized our trip to Laughlin Nevada with our friends.  We had made our flight reservations in November we just had to wait for the room packages for the Laughlin River Run.  We will be going the end of April for this trip.  Our last night will be spent in Vegas since our leaving flight was changed to two hours earlier than when we first booked.

We got to Billings early so had some time to wander around Lowes and get some ideas and prices for my kitchen remodel.  I am getting new cabinets, counter tops, and a couple appliances sometime this year. I think this remodel is going to cost more than I had anticipated especially with the counter tops I want.  I also want a built in dishwasher and an over the range microwave.  Then I have to factor in the labor and delivery costs.  I have lots of time at least this is not a "must" and I have time to shop around.

Yesterday Jennifer and I went shopping.  She had the day off and so did I due to President's Day.  We left Hardin in the afternoon and didn't get home until around 8:00 pm.  We had a good time, ate dinner at Applebee's.  We both had a drink with our dinner.  I had a beer and she had a sangria drink.  There was alot and she couldn't drink it all but she tried.  It was quite a bit of alcohol for her.  That was a drink that will get you in trouble.  I will have to try it next time.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saving Money

It's amazing what saving $4 a week will add up to.  I already have saved $20 after 5 weeks. 

My new year resolution was to save money by not feeding the vending machine downstairs in the courthouse.  On average I would spend $4 a week to that machine.  At the time I didn't think anything of spending that money after all what is .75.  When you see that money it's amazing what you just throw away.

I have already figured out what I would save after the end of the year and it would be $212.  I am shooting for the $200 and just think what a fun trip I can have with that.

On a side note, by not eating chips and candy I am losing a little bit of weight.