Monday, August 4, 2014

Meeteetse Weekend

Went to Meeteetse to visit with the Bley Family and of course the Grandma's.  Jennifer went with us as she wanted a few days off from her work to get out of town for a while.  She has been very busy at McDonald's.

We arrived in Meeteetse on Friday, took our time no rush.  We stopped in Eidleweiss for a drink.  The bartender was funny, asked for Jennifer's ID then he apologized about it.  Said that with all the law enforcement around due to the Hell's Angels being in Cody he needed to be on the up and up.  He then warned us to be careful and drive the speed limit.  Said us Montanan's like to speed in Wyoming.  He's right we do.  The speed limit in Montana on two lanes is 70 while the limit in Wyoming is 65.

We visited with the Grandma's for a bit, Gary read the paper and found out that Cody was going to have an Iron Horse Rodeo Saturday afternoon.  We were thinking of what to do on Saturday.  The Bley's wouldn't arrive until Saturday afternoon.

We went to the Cowboy for supper, shared a large pizza and it was huge.  Mom came later and ate a couple pieces and we still took some home.  Nice that Mom has her house, plenty of room to take home left overs.  We had some drinks and listened to the band that was playing.  We didn't stay long.  Jennifer ordered a Smirnoff Ice, what she got was a shot of Smirnoff on ice.  Hawk said that they didn't have that, but the other bartender said they did.  Jennifer surprised the guys in the bar by drinking shots.  We are not straight vodka fans, so her second drink was a shot of Jack Daniels.

Gary and I met quite a few veteran friends of Hawk's, and of course they all know Mom and Grandma.  Gary put some money in the bowl towards their t-shirt fund.

The same weekend there was a Warrior's Gathering.  When we delivered my old furniture in June, the bartender Hawk told Gary about this.  Perfect we planned on coming down anyway.  The gathering was basically Hawk's unit getting together.

Saturday we went to Cody to watch the Iron Horse Rodeo.  Red Lodge has one every year which we are going to see one of these days.  This was the first in Cody and they hope to make this an annual event.  They want to get the riders heading to Sturgis.  It was advertised as a pre-Sturgis bash.

It was supposed to start at 12:00 but didn't get moving until 1:00.  We watched some events and left after the break.  Jennifer was bored anyway.  We did see quite a few Hell's Angels walking around Cody.  We stopped in a little ice cream shop downtown for some ice cream before heading back to Meeteetse.

The Bleys had arrived by this time, so got visiting in at Grandma's.  We got the sleeping arrangements make, Bleys had the rooms in the basement, we took the upstairs.  Jennifer slept on the couch.

Big Jim is in a nursing home in Sheridan and it sounds like he will be there for a while.  We were going to eat ribs for dinner, but the only kind you can get are the regular BBQ, we can't get the Morgan or Jack ribs anymore.  Ken asked the waiter and we were told that the guy who makes the sauces isn't here anymore.  Bummer. We didn't get our rib dinners.

Bonnie and I have a winter project, we are going to try to replicate the sauces.

Spent more time in the Cowboy, on Saturday they were having karaoke.  It was fun watching the people sing and as the night went on the singing got worse.  Gary and I both got Warrior Gathering t-shirts and we were invited to next year.  They want to have this on the first weekend in August every year.

Had a great time.  The weekend went fast and the visit with the Bley's was too short.