Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Was Your Day?

I hope your day was better than mine. Today started out great. Jennifer and I left town but stopped and bought our special coffee. We even got one free. Once I got to Billings Jennifer wanted to be dropped off at the mall and then I made my way to my dental appointment. I got there early so that I could hear what this expermental dental thing was about.

Finds out that it's not an experment but just a survey. I can do surveys, so I did. I even got a water bottle for participating. It's a survey for a college in Oregon and once they get all of their results I will get a copy. It deals with dental treatment for the northwest area. Very painless.

I sat in the chair to get my teeth cleaned, that wasn't so bad I didn't even have to get numb for it. Piece of cake, then I sat in another chair to get the molds taken. Here is were the bad part comes in. The doc said I needed to have a tooth pulled. Ok, I can deal with that, when does he want to schedule that. Great just what I need. I had one that was loose and it just didn't tighten up, at least not good enough for him. He pulled it today. Here I thought I was getting out of having shots in my mouth. He pulled the tooth, then I had the molds taken. I go back in two weeks, by then all the metal stuff will be done and then I will have a wax alignment done. What they will do is put in all the metal in my mouth, then for the teeth I will have wax and then I can make sure that things are set to how I want them. It will then take a couple days to have the acrylic teeth and then voila I will have my teeth. Good thing because I am truly getting tired of all these dental visits. Since September I have been to the dental office once every month since then and I even have an appointment in March. I am scheduled for another cleaning in May. I surely hope that I can get through April without a dental visit. I do know Gary is getting a bit upset, he feels that I'm being taken for a ride.

After my dental appointment I also had an eye appointment in the afternoon. Figured this can't be too bad, I got there early but the doc had gone to lunch. So much for trying to get in early. He checked my eyes and now I need bifocals. This time I bought two pairs of glasses, one with the bifocals for everyday wear, they are also transition lenses. I also bought a pair of prescription sunglasses, just single vision lens. I didn't realize how expensive bifocals are. After insurance I paid $425 for glasses. I currently have transition lenses and I like them, however, when I drive they just don't darken enough. The receptionist asked me if I wanted my sunglasses bifocal. No thank you, single will be fine. I won't be wearing the sunglasses at work or for reading. The good thing is that I don't have any signs of eye diseases. He dialated my eyes, so it was fun trying to sign papers. I did drive home all right, he gave me a pair of sunglasses that just slide under my regular glasses. Good thing because it was a pretty bright day. It only took a couple hours for my eyes to get back to normal.

The good side of the day is that we paid the balance on our Ireland trip. We even got $100 discount for paying off early. I thought the discount was already figured, but no, so we got to pay less than before. Now I owe Mom $100. I did ask all of Mom's questions to the travel agent and things will be fine.

Jennifer bought a new suitcase today. She found one she liked at Wal-Mart for $34. I said that was a good deal, but didn't know if she wanted to shop around. She said no. Turns out that was a good thing. She got her 25" suitcase for $10. I was shocked but her receipt did say that it was a 25" upright travel case. She paid, even the clerk said that for that price she would buy one even though she didn't need one. There was nothing saying that it was on sale. No other price stickers, just the one that said $34. You can't beat that. Jennifer is pretty happy.

That was how my day went, got another tooth pulled and eyes dialated.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Expermental Dental Thingie

My dentist's office left a message on my home phone this afternoon. I have a cleaning and a check up tomorrow morning and they want to know if I would be interested in an expermental dental thing. Not too sure what that means, but I need to get to my appointment early and they will go over the details and I can just sign a waiver.

Not too sure I want to participate in an expermental dental thingie, but I will listen to what they have to say. Remember, I'm the one that needed some happy pills before getting some teeth pulled.

Gary says that I should ask for the rest of my dental bill written off. I don't know about you, but the words expermental and dental just don't go together. I don't want to be used as a guinea pig. I am not going to have to take any kind of strange drug that I don't know what the side effects will be or how serious.

My co-workers agree with me, but they do feel that taking the rest off my bill sounds like a good thing. I have about $2000 more work to be done. Tomorrow will be a cleaning and then a mold of my mouth will be taken again. I hope that this time I can get my permament teeth soon.

I will need some therapy afterwards. I will also be getting my eyes checked tomorrow afternoon. Since I fell last summer, it really messed up my glasses. I do need new glasses and will be getting some new frames. I also want to get a pair of prescription sunglasses. Right now I have the transition lenses but when I drive they don't get dark enough. They work well when I'm not in the car.

Jennifer is going with me tomorrow as she has the day off. Good thing that it's going to be nice. It will be a fun day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where is Your Camera When You Need It

Last weekend, Gary took Jennifer and I out for lunch in Billings. Jennifer picked Dos Machos as she was in the mood for Mexican food. We didn't do anything special just got out of Hardin for a few hours. On our drive up there were tons of antelope out in the fields and I didn't bring my camera. I rushed out of the house in a hurry and didn't grab it. Not to worry as Gary and I were going back up to Billings on Sunday.

We had a nice lunch, we all had our drinks. Gary drank his beer, Jennifer had a virgin daquari (smoothie) and I had a margarita blended. There was so much salt in my drink that all I could taste was salt. I couldn't drink it, way too salty. Lesson learned, order no salt. Our first stop was the Harley dealership. My hat hasn't come in yet, but Jennifer did buy a cute top. She found it on the clearance shelf. Most of the sizes are either small or extra small, anyway she found a cute top. I think she paid too much even on clearance, but it's her own money. I did find a cute denim jacket I liked, but I'm not paying $185 for it. After lunch we wandered around Wal-Mart. Found Mom a wind up travel clock that she has been looking for so we bought it. Will give it to her when she comes back up this way.

We got home around 4:00 in the afternoon, so made supper and then we just watched movies the rest of the night. Robert did call to wish me a Happy Valentines Day. It was good to talk to him, even for a bit.

On Sunday Gary and I went back up to Billings for the HOG Chapter meeting. This time I was prepared, I grabbed my camera and was going to take some great shot of the antelope. On this trip there was not one antelope around, not even any kind of creature out in nature. I was so disappointed. We got to our meeting and it was very short. Basically it was a waste of time for us to drive up to Billings for it. The good thing is we got paper copies of the calendar so now we can start planning our summer.

Already looking at it we do have some conflicts with the Patriot Guard Riders group, but we will work around that. We can't do everything. Looks like it's going to be a busy summer. June is already filled up. We are going on the Gambler's Run to Deadwood for 4 days and then two weeks after that is the state HOG Rally. Gary volunteered to work for that. Not too sure what he will be doing, but doing something.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Flight Schedules

I should have checked my e-mail before posting. I had two e-mails from my travel agent one with the flight schedules and seating and the other with the terms and conditions from the travel agency.

We didn't get the 6:00 am flights, we are leaving Billings at 11:40 am. The only problem with this flight is that it only give us about 35 minutes to make our connecting flight from Salt Lake to Atlanta. We are going to have to move fast to make our connection, thank goodness Salt Lake airport is not that big. Fortunately we are not changing airlines either. Flying Delta the whole trip. Reading all the fine print, we have to check in at the airport 3 hours before for our flight. We will get to sleep in an extra hour.

From Salt Lake we land in Atlanta. We will have two hours before our connecting flight to Dublin. We land in Dublin at 10:40 am on Friday. We get a dinner on the flight from Atlanta to Dublin, however from Salt Lake to Atlant there is food for purchase. Looks like we will need to buy some snacks.

Our return flights home are good. We will leave Dublin at 12:30 pm and land in Atlanta at 4:25 pm. We get a lunch on this flight. Again have a two hour lay over in Atlanta we leave Atlanta at 6:30 pm and land in Salt Lake at 8:30 pm. On this flight there is food for purchase. We land in Salt Lake at 8:30 pm and need to catch our connecting flight to Billings at 9:10 pm. Again we will have to hurry to catch that connecting flight. We will land in Billings at 10:30 pm.

All of our seats are together and by looking at the numbers we are in the middle of the planes. It looks like the seats on the flight from Atlanta to Dublin, we are in the middle of the plane, no window seats. All the other flights we have at least one window seat.

Ireland Bound

Today Jennifer and I put the down payment on our trip to Ireland. We have been planning this trip for two years, mainly to save up money to go. We had the trip planned out for over a year, was just waiting to put the down on. Mom is going too. She already gave me her portion of the down payment. All we needed was to get the final figures before paying for the whole trip.

I've been searching the internet for air fare and the cheapest that I could find was $945 each. That's ok, we already knew what the price was for the land portion of the trip. We had a ball park figure of $3500 that included spending.

Today we talked to the travel agent and she found us air fare for $792. We will be flying Delta but don't know if we leave Billings at 6:00 am or 11:30 am. We also got booked for a triple for the motel rooms in Ireland. With the savings that she found on air, we purchased the travel insurance. Now we can stay in our budget without any extras. Today we had to pay for the down and the insurance. If we can pay the balance by March 4th, we will get another $300 savings, that's another $100 each.

We will be leaving on Sept 3 and coming back home on Sept 13. I called Mom tonight and told her the news, she is going to send a check for her portion and we will get this paid off by the end of the month. With the $100 savings we are each going to get, that will give us more money for spending.

I don't have a final itinerary yet, but as soon as we do will make sure you get a copy. That way you can travel with us. Gary will be dropping us off at the airport and he wants us to leave at 6:00 am. This way he won't have to take any time off from work. He can just drop us off. Even if we leave at 11:30, we have to be at the airport 2 hours early anyway, he can just drop us off and we will hang out at the airport for a couple extra hours.

No matter what time we leave Dublin, we are landing in Billings at 11:00 pm on Sunday. Jennifer and I are planning on taking the following Monday off. I remember how she was with jet lag.

The travel agent also informed us that motel rooms in Ireland are not as roomy as they are in the states. She described them being no bigger than a postage stamp.

This is an 11 day trip and we will be staying in Dublin, Kenmare, Limerick, Galway, Sligo and Waterford. We will be seeing sites like Trinity College, Waterford Crystal, Japanese Garden, National Stud Farm, Bunratty Castle, Dingle Peninsula and many many more sites. We will be taking tons of photos.

Now we get the fun part of buying stuff for the trip.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Just wanted to take this time to wish my Mom a very Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your nice dinner tonight. I'll see you on Tuesday.

Mom is a very youthful senior citizen, she can still keep up with her grandchildren even the little ones. For that matter she still keeps up with her children, after all we can't let the younger ones show us up.

By the way, please tell your friend Phil that he better not see his shadow today. I'm so ready for spring. I'm tired of all these games Mother Nature is playing. It either needs to be cold or warm and stay that way, enough of the teasing.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl is Here

Today is Gary's favorite day of all, Super Bowl Sunday. He feels that today should be a national holiday. We stay home to watch the BIG game. This year I'm making a smorsgaboard so that we can graze all day long. I've got the chicken wings marinating. Have two loaves of banana bread baking, got the dough going for dinner rolls. All I have left to day is make the chocolate cake, the pizza and potato salad. We are having two types of wings, teriyaki and BBQ. The house already smells yummy from the banana bread baking. All I have left to do in my busy day is get my workout in. Will get that done before kick off.

We are rooting for the Arizona Cardinals to win, but we know that the cinderella ride will more than likely end today. Mainly because Arizona hasn't really won anything in their history and Pittsburgh already has many titles in theirs. My boss and I have a friendly bet going on, the loser has to buy the winner lunch (I've got my money already).

Gary is watching all the Super Bowl stuff on tv and I just ignore it. Besides I'm pretty busy getting the food ready. Gary says that he is not moving off the couch today, but he will probably go work out with me. He doesn't think I work out hard enough if he isn't there. HAH, he is a funny guy.

Cheer hard for Arizona today. Go Cardinals!