Friday, April 29, 2011


We had a nice quiet Easter. Saturday night I boiled my eggs, but didn't get them dyed. Jennifer and I went to the movie instead. We watched "Rio". It was a very cute movie and I liked the birds. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday Gary and I went to biker church. The Christian Motorcycle Association sponsors a bike blessing ceremony every year. There was a very small service before the blessing then they serve a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and juice or coffee. There is no charge for the breakfast however they do accept donations. It was very good. We met our friends and got the bike blessed.

This way we won't have any troubles while we are riding on the bike. It was cool in the morning when we left Hardin, but turned out into a beautiful day. After the services were over and the bikes were blessed we came on home.

We took the long way home and made a nice little ride out of it. Went through Huntley, Pompey's Pillar to Custer and then home to Hardin on the frontage roads. Not much traffic out and it was perfect for riding.

Got home and I transplanted some tulips that I got from the head maintainance woman at the court house. I got two clumps of tulips so I planted them by the old sand tire. The tulips look pretty pathetic right now. I was told that I won't get any blooms this year, but not to worry they will be nice and pretty next year. In fact she is going to give me about three more clumps.

I had some help with the transplanting by my neighbor's cat Oscar. He was left home alone while she was gone on Easter break. I felt sorry for the little guy, so I sat on the back steps and gave him some loving. He got up on my lap and wanted to hug my face, but no can do. I did let him sit on my lap if he was good. He did get a bit excited when a bird landed in the yard. I told Oscar that he had to behave if he was going to sit on my lap. I got him off before he dug his claws into my legs.

The rest of the day was spent just relaxing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Saturday we went to our friends the Butterfields to celebrate Garys and Sandi Breckenridge's birthdays. Our usual group was there, Gary and me, Dale and Kitty, Sandi and Pat, Marty and Vicky.

We got to their house early as Dale and Gary changed the oil on our bike. Gary has decided to change it himself since last fall when he changed the oil and found out it wasn't changed the last time we took it to the dealership.

Kitty made a delicious dinner for us. The only thing we had to do was bring our own booze and a card for Sandi. Kitty made everything homemade, tortillas, chili rellanos, tamales, enchiladas, spanish rice and charro beans. Everything was a hit and it was all very tasty.

Vicky brought a cake for Sandi and Gary. Kitty put candles on it but she didn't know how old Gary was. Sandi turns 60 on Thursday and she isn't thrilled about it, until I told her that she is only two years away from collecting social security.

Kitty bought these cute little birthday hats for Gary and Sandi to wear while we ate cake. They looked so cute, but were highly embarassed. They both said that it was a good thing we were amongst friends and not out in public.

Had a very good time. Then Sandi figured out that Kitty and I have the next birthdays and since they are close together will be having one party. I hope I don't have a wear a birthday hat.

I took some photos of the dinner and posted them on my picasa site. I promised both Gary and Sandi that I wouldn't post on facebook so I won't. Here is the photo of them in their birthday hats.

Friday, April 15, 2011

VIC Party

We went to the VIC (Very Important Customer) party at Beartooth Harley on the 13th. It coincided with Gary's birthday, so we've been telling our friends how nice it was for Beartooth to host his birthday party.

Whenever we shop at the dealership, we get points towards our VIC rewards and this year we earned $25 worth. We have until the end of the month to use them, so while we were at the party I browsed through the clothes. Found a couple shirts I like, so will probably use our rewards towards something. Gary just has to find something for him.

There were quite a few people who came for the party. The dealership catered the event with Old Chicago. We had two different kinds of pizza rolls, pepperoni and buffalo chicken, two different kinds of wings, BBQ and buffalo, chips and salsa and a veggie tray with ranch dip. For drinks there was soda, beer and wine.

I told Gary that since it was his birthday, I would be the designated driver home, but he owes me. This is the third party that we have gone to where I had to be good. I did have one beer with my pizza rolls, then after that I drank diet coke.

Most of our harley friends were there and we had a great time. The party was supposed to be from 6-8 but we didn't leave until 8:30 and there were still people there.

Had a great time but we both decided that we are getting too old to be out partying on a week night, it's getting too hard to wake up at 5:30 am.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Fool's Ride

Sunday we went on the HOG Chapter April Fool's Ride. This ride was originally scheduled for April 3, but due to the nasty weather it was rescheduled to the 10th. Had a good turn out, there were 37 people who signed in. On this ride we got a free meal.

This is a ride where we don't know where we are going or how long we will be gone. We all met at the dealership at noon. The day was nice, the sun was out but a bit on the windy side. The wind wasn't too bad when we left Hardin, but there were moments of some strong gusts.

We got to the dealership around 11:30 and met many of our friends there. Everyone was excited to just get out and ride, winter has been a long one. Normally the dealership is closed on Sunday's but the 2nd man in charge rides with us and he will open the dealership up, have coffee made for us and most importantly we get a bathroom stop before heading out.

It was time to head out, we got our instructions for the ride. All we had to do was follow the arrows that were put on sign posts, hoping the wind didn't blow them off. Then we had to watch for the man in charge at the last intersection then watch for his son waving the chapter flag at our final destination. Gary is a ride captain for the chapter this year. Since there were so many of us, we had to leave in two groups and he was the sweeper in the first group. We are the last ones in case there are problems. Had it easy all we had to do was follow the others.

It was a short ride and we were reminded to watch out for the twist. We ended up heading out on Shiloh road with all the round abouts, then out on Molt road, heading south to Laurel then back into Billings. We almost missed the very first arrow as the wind was blowing so hard that the arrow sign was bent in half, the rest of the arrow signs were taped pretty good.

We kept waiting for the "fool" part of the ride. I guess it was we ended up back on the round abouts. Everyone did make it to our final destination which was Tiny's Tavern in Billings. We were served pizza and chicken with free sodas.

Had a very enjoyable day despite the wind. There were a few times where a gust would catch me and about yank my head off. I did have to hold on to my helmet at one time. Looking forward to our next ride to Lavina on the 17th.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dentist and Therapy

Tuesday I hade my regular dental appointment. My appointment was at noon this time as I had a HOG officers meeting later that evening.

I went to Billings early to get in some errands. My first stop was at Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and I also got my hair cut. Then I got a phone call from my Mom. My grandmother had an appointment that morning and when they got done they called me to meet for a cup of coffee before going to my dental appointment.

We were going to meet at Applebee's, but they weren't open when we got there, so went to IHOP instead. Had a great visit with them and got the scoop on my Mom. She ended up seeing the same doctor as my grandmother. That is another story.

Went to my appointment and things are going good. I still have a sensative spot on a tooth. Didn't have that until they put in a filling there. Been battling this for about a year now. I don't mind it much myself, but every once in a while when I drink or eat something cold, I will get a good zinger. I just cringe when the dental assistant gets near me with her cleaning tool.

I had to get some x-rays taken this time and then the dentist came over and examined my teeth. I'm healing well and things are going good. He did tell me that I can get some implants and bridges. I told him that my partials are working well enough for me. My insurance won't pay for implants because they are considered cosmetic. I had already gone through all of this at the very beginning when it was decided for me to get partials. I did come out of the office with a new salad recipe to try.

Now it's time for my therapy. Went to the mall and bought two new pairs of jeans. I tried getting into the next size down but not a go yet. I can at least get them over my hips but just can't get the zipped or buttoned. I supposed if I had fought and struggled I could have, but then I wouldn't have been able to breathe and that is important.

It was frustrating but still a relief knowing that I can get them on but not just yet. Have been at this stage for quite some time. Just need more working on it, but I just hate the idea of what I need to do.

Soon it was time to get to my meeting. I got home too late to call Mom to get an update on her doctor appointment, but I got all of that the next morning.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Garage Party

Wednesday I attended the Beartooth Harley Davidson Garage Party. This is a women only event to get women interested in getting out of the back seat of a bike and into the front seat. It was alot of fun.

The party started at 6:30 at the dealership, they had some snack sandwiches for us to eat since it was dinner time. There were about 30 women at the party. I only knew one other woman that was there. The only men in attendance were a couple workers who were demonstrating. The local news crew was also there to report on it. Fortunately I missed getting on tv.

We were divided up into three groups. My group went to the clothes department first. We were told the important items needed for riding were leather chaps, leather coats, ankle boots and a helmet. A few women confessed that they don't always ride in safe clothes, some ride in shorts and flip flops. I don't because Gary won't allow that. I stressed the importance of a helmet. Not necessarily for when you go down, but mainly to protect your head from rocks, bugs and debris on the road. My helmet is knicked up from rocks and debris. We then had time to shop, found a couple things I would like but didn't buy anything this time.

Next we went to the station where we learned how to pick up a bike after going down to the ground. This demonstration was a first for the Billings garage party, mainly because they didn't have a female employee who could pick up her bike. It wasn't that hard at all. You just squat down, get your butt on the seat one hand on the handle bar the other on the fender and just start walking backwards. Soon you will have the bike up. I had a hard time and was spinning because I was using one leg more than the other. Once I got equal pressure on my legs, I got the bike up. Sure felt like it was going to tip over the other way, but the kickstand was there to prevent that. It really wasn't that hard at all. Then we learned how to change a seat on the bike. That was very easy.

My last station was the demo drive. The last time I went to a garage party I chickened out on this, was too scared to try it. This time I promised Gary that I would do it. It was very intimidating at first, especially when other people are watching you. The guy was very nice in explaining things. He asked if I knew how to drive a stick shift and that since I do it's the came concept. He had us go through a dry run on all the gears. One down five up. We all had a hard time finding neutral. That is between first and second gears. I got the bike started and on I went. I got it up to 60 miles per hour and in 5th gear. Then he had me shift down. Piece of cake and I didn't stall it. It turned out not to be so intimidating after all. I'm sure it would have been a different story if I was actually moving.

After it was over and we all got through the stations, we had a door prize drawing. This was for the two day safety course that is taught by the Riders Edge. You go through this course, then all you have to do is take the written portion to get the motorcycle endorsement. The dealership bought class time for June 11-12 and if you won this that is the only time that you can go. You would not be able to exchange it for a different class. We are going to be in Deadwood South Dakota that weekend, so I didn't get a ticket for the drawing.

Everyone did get a grab bag. They were all different. I got a shot glass, a keychain, a pen and a necklace charm. Now I just need to buy a chain for it. We all got reading material and a coupon for $350 off a windshield or seat if you bought a new bike before May 24, 2011. Gary already said that I can't buy a new bike.

It was a fun night and very enjoyable. Two hours sure went by fast and I got some more goodies.