Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mardi Gras

Sunday the HOG chapter celebrated Fat Tuesday. I know it was a bit late, but better late then never. It was also the 20th anniversary of the Beartooth HOG Chapter.

Our meeting was held at Bones Brewery and we had free food. There were around 50 people there, free food really brings them in. We could dress up for Mardi Gras if we wanted, but the only thing I have is mardi gras beads, so I wore them. I even got two new strings of beads at the party.

We held our usual meeting, which was pretty short. Just talked about the riding season and some of the new things they want to do. Like an overnight camping trip. We will get the official cards with the dates and places of the riding meetings next month. March will be our last indoor meeting until October.

We then got to eat. The food was good, but I will not make a good Cajun woman. We had gumbo, jumbalaya and crawfish. I took just a little bit of everything. I only took one fish. We had a choice of hot or cold fish. I took hot figured it would be better. All I know about eating crawfish is to snap them in half and somehow you are supposed to suck out the insides. I didn't do any sucking, that just didn't work out. I just tore mine up and dug out the little meat with my fingers. I won't go out of my way eating crawfish. I at least tried it. Gary wouldn't. The gumbo was spicy. Not very hot, but it did have a kick to it. Good thing I had my beer to drink it all down. That I can do, drink the beer like a good Cajun woman. For dessert we had crepes and they were sure tasty.

After eating we were divided into groups of four for a little trivia game. The team we were on came in dead last. Part of the problem was that the person with the noise maker wouldn't wait until the whole question was read. Some of the answers were multiple choice. Also the emcee had selective hearing with the noise makers. Not all of them were very loud. We did get credit for answering four questions right. This is where I got my two new strings. The winning team go their pick of prizes. There were t-shirts, magnets, coffee mugs and shot glasses.

It was all in fun. I had sewed on our blood drive patches on our vests the night before and then Gary got his MDA run patch that he participated in over Labor Day. I didn't get one because I was in Ireland, which is ok. Just what I need, more patches to sew.

We had a real good time. Nothing better than getting together with our good biker friends, eating good food and drinking beer.

Being a trashy biker is not all that bad.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentines Day Weekend

I know I am behind, but what is new.

What a busy week I had, nothing but meetings all week at work, it got to the point where I forgot what meeting I was in.

Last weekend I had three days off due to President's Day on Monday. Friday Gary took me out for Valentines Day. We ended up spending the night in Billings as we stayed out too late to drive home. It is so nice to be able to just not come home and worry about kids.

We stayed at the C'mon Inn, had a swimming pool and five hot tubs. There is a huge courtyard with a pond filled with fish, a waterfall and a bridge. Very nice atmosphere. There are four hot tubs around the pond, the other hot tub is in the same room as the pool. We soaked in the warm waters Friday night and Saturday morning.

For dinner we wanted to eat where we've never been before so we ate at Old Chicago. We shared a pizza, this was a typical sports bar type of place. You mostly get pizza, pasta and burgers. The pizza was good. They also have all these different beers from different brewerys. We were not in the mood to try something different. After dinner we then went gambling.

In Montana the only games to play are poker and keno. Very boring after our trip to Wendover. Anyway we played poker and I won $52 on a machine, cashed out with $64.30. Between the two of us play, we came out ahead $4. 30. Not to mention that our beer was free.

In the morning we just relaxed at the motel, didn't have to check out until noon so we took advantage of that. For the price we paid for the room we were going to use their tubs and such. There is a breakfast at the motel and you eat around the courtyard. Very nice.

Just wished the weather was nice, it had started to snow that morning. We had signed up at the Harley dealership to donate blood for bikers. For doing this we got a patch and a coupon for 20% off in store items that day. We were worried about me being able to donate because I am anemic and also that I had traveled out of the country.

I was barely able to donate blood. The first time she checked me for my iron count I was too low, but she took it a second time and I just barely made it, so she let me donate. That was good because it was my idea to donate and I knew for sure that if I wasn't able to, I would never hear the end of it.

We got our patches, you know bikers will do anything for patches. With our coupons I bought another new shirt and Gary got a new wallet. It had snowed all day pretty hard in Billings, so our trip home was very slow going. Roads were very icy. Saw many slide offs on the way home. At the same token, there were many more idiot drivers thinking that the roads were bare and dry.

Monday Jennifer and I both had it off, so up to Billings we went for shopping. We left after lunch and had a great time. We both bought a pair of the Sketchers shape up shoes. I had wanted to get a pair anyway. I have a friend who has them and she swears by them. She thought they would be a great shoe for someone who is on their feet all day. We tried them on and really liked them. Jen was able to get her pair that day, but mine are being shipped to me. None of the stores in the mall had the shoe I wanted in my size. They had other colors, just not the one I wanted. With the price I was paying for these shoes, I didn't want to just settle.

Jennifer wore her shoes to work, but for her they are not going to work. She says that the floors are too greasy and she was sliding around. Not enough grip on the soles for her. She says they were comfortable to wear. I am waiting patiently for mine to arrive.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Published Again

Got news that my photo of the Muckross House is being used on the web site. You can check it out at www.schmap.killarney/sights_museum. Find the link for Muckross House and I am in there under Pat.

This is such exciting news for me, I can now honestly say that I am a published photographer. Who knew. Here is the photo that they used.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend

Last weekend was the second best holiday compared to Thanksgiving with food. Every year we plan a buffet to lay out and this year we had hot wings, chips and dip, and a bunch of other goodie snacks.

Saturday we were invited to some of our friends for a spaghetti dinner. The dinner started at 4:00 and I had a meeting with Parks at 1:00 so it would all work out. My meeting with Parks was great and we were out of there by 3:00. That gave us plenty of time to get from the west end of Billings to the Heights.

We found their house without any problems. However, the side streets in Billings are not any better than the side streets in Hardin, good thing we took the pickup. We had a great time with the dinner, there were two other couples there besides us and our hosts. She made stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer and they were sure good. I got the recipe and made some for our Super Bowl food fest. We had a great time with our friends, they are biker friends and we were all lamenting on how bad the weather is and we can't get the bikes out for rides. This time last year we were able to ride around town on our bikes.

Super Bowl Sunday arrived. Nothing to do in the morning but just wait, so I did my normal Sunday morning routine. Once I got home, then it was time to start cooking and making the house smell good. Watched all the pre-game hoopla then settled down to watch a good game.

In our hearts we really wanted the Saints to win mainly because they have never won the championship title ever, but our heads said the the Colts would win. Imagine our surprise and delight when the Saints did win and what a great game we were able to watch. Once of the best Super Bowls in a long time.

Gary will be going through football withdrawals, but soon we will have March Madness. Football will start again in just 7 more months with pre-season. Not to mention he will be able to watch the draft in April.