Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shopping Excursions

Yesterday I went shopping with my Mom and daughter. Mom had an appointment to get her car serviced before she goes on her road trips this summer. I followed her up. Once she dropped off her car and signed the paperwork we went shopping. It was going to take half a day before her car was done anyway.

Our first stop was Wal-Mart. We had fun shopping for wedding stuff for Katie. We didn't bother looking for clothes here, as nothing was catching our eye, especially for something to wear for a wedding. We spent two hours just milling around looking at stuff. I did manage to get some birthday cards bought.

Our next stop was Rimrock Mall. We stopped at the jewelers so that Mmom could get a battery for her watch. We then made our way towards JC Penney. First we stopped into CJ Banks just to look. They didn't have Mmom styles. Nice clothes, but most of the displays had capri pants and that wasn't what we were looking for. They did have some nice blouses, but we passed on those anyway.

We made our way into JC Penney. Showed Mmom the dress that I bought and I found another cute dress that I may buy later on. She had tried on some dresses but nothing for her. We did find some cute slacks and blouses, real cute. She did try on those, but they just didn't quite fit right. I found a sales lady for some help and she steered me in the right direction.

Mmom did find some nice slacks and a blouse, real cute. It's not a real fancy outfit, but good enough for the wedding and she can also wear it for other occasions. She bought some gray slacks and her blouse it red, pink and greens. It also came with a shell so that she can wear the blouse with or without the shell.

After all the trying on clothes we decided that it was time to eat. We ate in the mall, then we made our way down to the Hallmark store. I found a real cute birthday card for Gma. Had to wait on the Mother's Day cards, will get those over the weekend. It is real hard to find a good birthday card for a grandmother from an adult grandchild. Most the the cards were from little children.

Jennifer had to get some new shoes for work, so we made our way to Payless. Such drama there. Apparently one of the clerk's wallet was stolen out of her purse in the back room. She was pretty upset over the whole thing. Felt sorry for her. She had called for the little security guard and he was waiting. She was on the phone I would assume talking to her husband, he was trying to calm her down but don't think it was working. The other clerk was very apologetic to us, saying how sorry she was. We told her not to worry about it. Jen got her work shoes and we left.

Mmom's car was done, so we dropped her off at the dealership, then Jen and I made a couple more stops. When we go to Billings, we always stop at the bookstore. Jen got a new book but I passed this time.

We made our way home, Gary was laughing at me because the only thing I had to show from shopping was three cards.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Riding Season is Officially Underway

Yesterday was our first HOG group ride for the season. We met at the dealership at 10:00 which means that we have to leave at 9:00. It was a bit cool when we left, but we had plenty of layers on which helped. We thought we were going to be early, but there were several people already at the dealership when we arrived. The dealership is usually closed on Sunday's, but they did open up for us. They even had coffee and donuts for everybody. It was very nice. We had to renew our annual chapter dues so we got that done.

We left the dealership around 11:00 for the ride to Reedpoint. We took the back roads all the way. There were 35 bikes in all so we had to leave in two groups. This way we don't cause too much of a traffic jam. We also dealt with wind all the way. It wasn't too bad except some gusts would come along and knock us around.

We took the frontage road into Laurel, then into Park City. I've never been on that road. From Park City we took the old highway into Columbus, which we have been on before. We took the old highway all the way to Springdale before getting on the interstate into Reedpoint. Our meeting was at the Water Hole Bar, which we filled up. Not only was our group there, but another group had come through on a poker run. The bar people knew about our group coming, but not about the poker run. Had a very short meeting then we were free to go.

We went with three other couples for a ride up to Harlowton and back to Billings. We took the old highway into Big Timber, which I didn't know was there. Once we turned onto the highway from Big Timber to Harlowton the wind was horrible. It was a head wind all the way. We are guessing that it was about 40 mile an hour winds, I do know that it was bad enough that at times the wind would knock us around.

It is 44 miles from Big Timber to Harlowton and we were so glad to finally reach Harlowton. Gary was so tired from fighting the wind. The wind was so bad that it would get under my helmet and felt like my helmet would go flying off. My chin strap did get loose from all the wind that at one point I had to hang onto the strap to keep my head from getting knocked around. Gary couldn't believe it.

We ate lunch at the local casino in Harlowton and it was delicious. On our way from Harlowton to Ryegate we were told to count the woodpeckers. A guy in Ryegate makes these cute wooden woodpeckers and they put them on the trees along the highway. I counted up to 31 and I'm sure I missed a few (Once I figured out what they looked like). Some were hard to see as they blended in with the trees. On this stretch of the ride the wind was to our backs so that was nice. We turned at Lavina to make our way to Billings which is about 45 miles and again more wind, but at least it wasn't as strong.

The other couples live in Billings so they made their way home, we had another 50 miles to go. We stopped at a gas station to stretch our legs before going on home. We needed a short break. Fighting that wind takes a toll on you, especially Gary because he does all the driving. We called Jennifer to check in then made our way home. We didn't get home until 6:30. We put a total of 320 miles on the bike yesterday. That is the most we have put on in one day.

I guess you can say we are practicing up for the Iron Butt Ride someday. I did take some photos, but only when we were stopped. It was too hard to try to take any with all that wind.

Quite a few of the women have really slim cameras. They told me that those are real handy on the bike and they can take really good photos on them. Also the cameras fit nice in the coat pockets. I told Gary I wouldn't mind getting one and he just rolled his eyes.

He just doesn't understand the reasoning. Said I already have a camera. I do and I like it, but it is a bit difficult to get photos while on the back of the bike, I feel a compact one will be easier. I have time to shop around for one.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Robert

Today my oldest child is 26, hard to believe. I can vividly remember this day 26 years ago. If you ask me what I remember six months ago I probably couldn't tell you. A mother never forgets that day her first child was born.

I don't get to see him as much as I would like to. He moved away from home to Idaho. It's really not that far a six hour drive but it feels like he moved to the east coast. I do talk to him about once a month. He has learned to stay in touch with his mother. Probably saves him some embarrassment.

When he calls he always tells me that he is alive and kicking, very good words for a mother to hear.
The first picture he was about 3 years old and the second one he was 25. I took that one in October when I saw him for lunch on my way to California.
Happy Birthday Son!!!!! Have a great one.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gary's Birthday

Yesterday was Gary's birthday. We didn't do anything very exciting. Jennifer and I took him out for his dinner on Sunday. We went to a new place in Billings that opened up about 6 months ago. It was called the Rib & Chop House.

This is a dress up restaurant and we were wearing jeans and stuff. Felt a little uncomfortable but we weren't the only ones wearing jeans.

Jennifer had the shrimp dinner, I had the chicken fried steak and Gary had the half rack of ribs. Jennifer's meal looked good and Gary ended up helping her eat. My meal came with garlic mashed potatoes and one side so I ordered the garlic sauteed mushrooms. I thought mine came with a house salad, but was told that it didn't. I had read the menu wrong. Gary had the house salad and for his side he chose the mashed potatoes.

It took a while for our order to come, but then they were pretty full. My meal was huge and so was Jennifer's. Gary's half rack of ribs was very tiny and he only got a small dollop of mashed potatoes without gravy. He wasn't happy with his meal and was hungry, but he did help Jennifer eat her shrimp.

The prices were reasonable, it was $43 for the three of us, so not too bad. We probably won't go back for a while. Today Gary heard that you need to order the steak, apparently they have good steaks. Also their baked potatoes were huge. We didn't order any but the table next to us did and the potatoes were the size of footballs. Very large potatoes.

I had made a lemon merangue pie as that is Gary's favorite. Jennifer always gets an ice cream cake and Gary gets the pie.

He didn't get a card from his aunt this year, instead she called him at work. She doesn't get out like she used to so wasn't able to get him a card. She was upset with the way the calender fell this year as he missed Easter by one day. The year he was born it was Easter Sunday on April 13th. He didn't get his bunny card this year. It was nice that she did call him. He also got a card from Mmom yesterday.

A very low key event, but he enjoyed it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back On The Caffeine

For Lent I gave up coffee. There were two reasons. One because you are supposed to give up something you like and two my hubby didn't think I could do it. Well I went 46 days without one drop of coffee.

It was a bit difficult for the first couple days, but I got used to it. March was a long month, so glad when April hit.

We would go out for a drink on Sunday mornings and I had to tell the cashiers at McDonald's that I couldn't drink coffee had to drink hot tea. They would ask me why and I told them that I gave up coffee for Lent. Again I was asked why. Sometimes I would wonder about that myself.

Not having coffee at work wasn't difficult at all. I'm the only one in my office of 2 who would make it and drink it. My boss would just stop at McDonald's when she felt like having a cup for herself, then she would feel bad for drinking it in front of me.

Well, I survived it and I was so glad when Easter morning arrived, that when we went out for our weekly coffee I had two cups. It tasted so good.

Got to work this morning and I almost forgot how to make coffee. Just kidding, making coffee is like riding a bike, you never forget. Coffee has been heaven today.

I think next year I will give up something easier, like smoking.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dress Shopping

Yesterday afternoon Jennifer and I went dress shopping for the wedding. Do you know how hard it is to find a dress for a slightly overweight 40 something. Seems like the fashions this year are very bright and bold colors and they are trying to make us 40 somethings dress like the 20 somethings.

We tried on several dresses and wrinkled our noses at many more. We finally found some at JC Penney. The store was having a pretty good sale and we got some good deals. Jennifer bought a nice little black dress. I told Jennifer that you can never go wrong with a little black dress and every woman needs one for her closet. In fact I need one too.

The dress I found is actually a sun dress, but Jennifer assured me that it will be fine for the wedding. After all it will be in hot, sunny California. My dress is blue and white but the colors and pattern are not over powering. I can also buy a little sweater to wear over the top of it and would be appropriate for work and such.

We still have a couple more months to find some more dresses and I will be keeping my eye out. Jennifer was showing me all kinds of dresses and I had to remind her that I'm a slightly overweight 40 something. Those dresses are fine for slim 20 somethings.

We had fun shopping and we didn't get home until 9:30 last night. I also bought me a new belt and a book. No shoes this time. I spent some of my winnings on the dress. I still have some left for more shopping.

I didn't think shopping for a dress would be so hard. I know I could find decent ones on the internet, but I want to try them on first and make sure they fit before buying.