Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hair Cut

A couple weeks ago I got my hair cut very short.  I go through phases in my hair styles.  I decided that I wanted long hair about two and a half years ago.  I started growing it long when I had my surgery.  Wanted a new look then.

After dealing with long hair for two and a half years, I got tired of it.  My hair is thick and hot.  Doesn't help that I have hot flashes from time to time, then I get very hot.  I had managed to get my hair all one length this time.

Having long hair while biking is difficult too.  I was always having to brush the tangles out of my hair and it made it difficult to tie my hair back and wear my helmet.

One day I looked in the mirror and just said yuck.  I was feeling old and felt I looked old, so it was time for a change.

I went and got my hair cut short, very short.  I am now wearing a pixie cut.  I love it.  I feel so much better and I look younger too.  Maybe that is my wishful thinking.

It is a bit cool during the winter without all that warmth on the top of my head but that's ok.  It is going to be nice during bike season, just run my fingers through my hair and I'm done.

I posted the before and after photos on facebook, which I think most of you already saw them.  I did keep my "knowledge" highlights, not getting rid of those.

It's amazing what a new hair cut and style will do for your psyche, it just makes your day.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Training, Training and More Training

Last week was my week of training.  I had training for 4 days.  Three were for elections and one was for every county employee.

Last Monday I had to be in Billings for elections training with the Secretary of State.  This training gets me certified to run an election.  Monday morning was horrible, it was a blizzard out there in the morning.  I had to be in Billings and checked in by 11:30 am, training would start promptly at 1:00 pm.  We were on our own for lunch.

Gary and I went swimming that morning and it was nice, at least no snow.  That all changed in the hour we were in the pool.  It was snowing at 7:00 am and it got worse.  I called Dulcie, she is the Election Administrator, I'm her deputy.  I asked her what time we absolutely had to be checked in, she told me 11:30 and asked why.  I asked if she had looked out her window lately, she hadn't.  When she did I could hear her exclaim "Holy *$#!".  This is mandatory training for work so I had to go.
I traded vehicles with Gary, he wasn't happy that I had to go, but I wanted a 4 wheel drive vehicle and his truck is higher that my little car.  I left town at 9:10 am.  I kept in touch by text with Dulcie, her husband drove her to Billings, so they were ahead of me.  Dulcie kept texting me about the goings on up ahead, but of course I couldn't read them while I was driving.

The driving lane was ok, the passing lane was very snowy and when someone would pass I was in a white out.  Glad I had the pickup, wasn't too bad when a regular vehicle would pass, but when I was passed by the semi, I was in a complete white out.  It was white knuckle driving.  Of course there were idiots out on that road, driving very fast.  Too fast for conditions.  I just went slow and I didn't pass anyone.

There were two vehicles off in the ditch at the county line, hope drivers were ok.  By the time I got there help was already there.  I was so glad to get to Billings.  I got to the hotel where the conference was at 10:30.  Got checked in and then just stayed put.  Met up with Dulcie.

The state was paying for one motel room for each county, Dulcie did get a double bed room, but I didn't want to stay in Billings.  She has to sleep with a CPAP machine and I wouldn't get any sleep.  I chose to drive home and come back.  Fortunately the storm blew through and by afternoon it was nice and sunny, roads were dry on the way home.  Hard to believe they were the same roads as the morning.

Tuesday I had to be in Billings by 8:00 am.  I left a little early not knowing it would snow again or not.  Never know, but it was beautiful, dry roads.  The state really treats training attendees very well.  On Monday our afternoon snack was cheese and meat assortments.  Tuesday morning snack was a yogurt and fruit parfait, afternoon snack was fresh fruit assortments and cheese.  For lunch the state provided and it was a taco bar.  Very yummy.  I learned quite a bit from the training and now I'm certified to run the election.  We have to be certified every two years.

Wednesday morning was the county mandatory training for discrimination.  We had a two hour session, while the elected and department heads had a three hour session in the afternoon.  We had a very lively discussion on several topics that are considered discrimination and going over the scenarios. In my group there were quite a bit of Sheriff's Office and Ambulance personnel.  I had to shake my head at some of the stuff these young people were talking about and what they didn't consider discrimination.

Thursday was the fun day of training.  We got to be trained on the new voter machine.  The county bought the new one last year, it should be easier and this machine will count folded ballots better than the old one.  The old one would stop at every folded ballots, so the 2012 general election was very time consuming when it came time to count all the ballots.  I was in Vegas during this time, so I missed out on all this fun.  2012 was the year that I got assigned to work elections, but I had already booked this Vegas trip.

We got to run test ballots through, learned how to clean the machine and run it.  It was fun.  I will be running the machine for the primary election in June as Dulcie's husband will be on the ballot.  Not that there would be a problem, but this way someone won't be able to complain that she skewed the numbers.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Empty Den

Jennifer has moved into her own apartment on the 1st.  This is something that she has done on her own.  She had been thinking about getting her own place for quite some time.

She has a cute one bedroom apartment in the Frontier Communities.  It at one time was a senior citizen complex but recently they are accepting young people.  The requirements are that you need a job and a checking account.  She filled out the application and everything all on her own.

The rent is based on income and she is paying $431 this includes electricity and water. Her apartment already comes with an air conditioner.  

We started moving her last weekend and will get some more stuff moved. It was too cold and snowy, besides she had to work.  So far all we have is her bed and she moved some clothes, movies books and her little tv.  She took a camping chair to use for now.

Our neighbors the Hickeys are giving her a loveseat that they want to get rid of, so we will be moving that.  We will get her dresser, bookcase and some other stuff.  Jason will be coming over to help move the big heavy stuff.

I have an old kitchen table at Mom's house that she can have.  I forgot about that old table.  It was one that Dad bought for me at a yard sale when I very first bought my house.  We will need to get a couple kitchen chairs for it.

On Sunday I will be taking her to Billings so that she can buy other stuff that she will need.  She has to get a shower curtain, she will need more dishes and cooking utensils.

I have taken photos of her new place but have not posted them yet.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Being Crafty

I had a three day weekend a couple weeks ago so I decided to try my hand at sewing.

Last May when I participated in the Women's Run, there was a woman selling these cute skirts. She is originally from Montana.  They are called Sweet Spot Skirts that she makes and are designed to wear as a cover up over your work out clothes.  She had a booth during the Women's Run but my friend and I couldn't find it.

We found it on line and they are on the pricey side $70 for a skirt.  My friend and I got to looking and thinking that these would be a simple thing to make, so we decided to try it.  The skirts are reversible so you need two pieces of contrasting fabric

I bought my fabric several months ago but was just too busy to sit down and get it done.  I had to figure out how to make a pattern anyway.  My friend made hers a while ago and said that they were real simple.

I finally sat down and made my little skirt.  A seamstress I am not.  I had to guess on how much fabric to by so I bought 2 1/2 yards of each, then I had to find the 4 way snaps. 

I had the measurements of the finished skirt from the web site and got to figuring things out.  It has been many years since I have sewn anything, think the last time I did was in high school home ec class.  I think a real seamstress would cringe on how I measured.

It only took an afternoon to finish, it is pretty simple.  All I have left is to put on the snaps but have to find the tool first.  I think it turned out ok, it does match the real thing.  I do have some tweaking to do.

Need to have Mary check it out and give me pointers on the waist band.  It gaps in the back when you wear it, but as a cover up it will do.

I'm having problems with attaching photos to here.  You can see the photos on my picasa site.