Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back Splash Project

The Memorial Day weekend was a very busy one for us.  It started on Friday night.  Work is getting pretty stressful with me working both schools and elections.  I am running the primary election this year due to the husband of the election administrator running for sheriff.  It really isn't a problem as far as the state is concerned but there is a small faction already complaining about it.  So to prevent any sort of question on the election, I am handling most of the duties.

We met our friends the Butterfields in Hardin for dinner and drinks at the 4 Aces.  Kitty's sister was in town so that they could pay their respects to their parents buried here.  We met them at 6:00 and we didn't leave until 1:30 am.  Had a great time, alot of laughs and just a great time.

Saturday morning we decorated the graves in Hardin, then went to Billings to run errands and pick up our bike that was in the shop.  The Sunday before while we were going to the meeting, the speedometer, tach and radio quite working.  It was recommended that we don't ride, so got it in for repair.  Wanted to get the problem take care of before the ride to Deadwood in a week.  Bike is fixed and running well, now just have to reprogram everything.  Saturday evening we went to Lodge Grass to decorate the graves up there.

Sunday, I put up the back splash in my kitchen.  It took me most of the afternoon to get it done.  I am by no means the perfect installer but it turned out pretty good.  I have a blister on my finger from cutting the tiles with the tin snips.  Don't look too closely in the corners, you will see my mistakes.  The hardest part was cutting out the spaces for the outlets and light switch.  While I was working in the kitchen, Gary cleaned out the porch.  Now all that is left is to paint.  Have to find the right color now.  I picked out two samples, but now those colors are not exciting me.

Monday morning I cleaned the tae kwon do school.  It took me several hours but I cleaned everything.  My business neighbor has moved out, so I was stopped by someone who would be interested in renting the other side, then the landlord came over with an insurance adjuster to check out the roof damage from the hail storm.  He is wanting to sell the building and is willing to sell it to me.  Told him that I would have to talk about it with Gary.  By the way we are not interesting in buying the building.  While I was cleaning, Gary mowed the lawn.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing, now I am gearing up for this busy week before election.

Here are photos of my back splash.




Saturday, May 10, 2014

Montana Women's Run

I ran the two mile portion in the Montana Women's Run.  I have participated before in this huge event but I have always walked the two miles.  I decided to run it this year considering that I'm 50 now.

I wasn't paying too much attention when I filled out my application on line.  I had marked the box saying that I would finish the race in 20 minutes or less.  Like I said wasn't paying attention.

I didn't find out about this until I got my packet with all the instructions.  My boss Sandy picked up my packet for me.  I got my bright orange t-shirt, bib number and time chip.  Boy was I going to be bright wearing the t-shirt and bright blue bib.  That's when I found out that my bib color stated that I would finish under 20 minutes.  Oops.

The weather forecast was calling for rain on race day, but it turned out beautiful.  The sun was shining, a slight breeze and it was nice for a morning run.  Not too hot.  My race stated at 9:00 am.

Gary went with me to Billings as we were going to spend the whole day there.  I had scheduled to get my car finally fixed that afternoon and then we met our friends for dinner that evening.  We left for Billings at 7:00 am and didn't get home until 10:30 pm.  A very long and fun day.

We found a parking space by Tiny's Tavern.  Gary met me there last year after the race, so we decided to go there again.  He would buy me a beer for completing the run.  He then walked with me to the starting line, then we walked to the finish line.

Found a little coffee shop for a cup and a potty break, then it was time to get to the starting line.  The people who ran the 5 mile race were starting to finish at this time. 

Since I made the mistake with my bib, my theory was to be in the back of the blue bibs, but in front of the white bibs, this way I won't get in the way of a faster runner and get run over.  I made my way into the corral and was getting edged towards the front.  I had to keep going back and I wanted to be on an outside.  Didn't want to get caught in the middle of the mob.

We got our instructions on what to do and the end of the race and then we were off.  It took a couple blocks to get out of the congestion and then I made my way down the course.

I need to get in better shape, I did finish the race and I admit that I walked a couple blocks but I did run the majority of the course.  My clock time was 24:55, I was excited to be under 25 minutes.  I had to wait until my chip time was posted.  I was able to scan the code on my bib and got all my information.

I was excited, I finished in the top 50 in my age group 50-54.  My official time was 24:30.  I finished 42nd out of 393 officially.  According to my chip I placed 41 out of 490.  I was 588 out of 5899 in the 2 mile race and was 580 out of 5890 of my gender.  Now I have a goal for next year.

There was a woman from Hardin who finished 4 places before me and she was 45 seconds faster.  We are the same age, in fact I am about 6 months older than her.  My goal for next year is to beat her time.

I am now in training for next year.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mom's Choice Ride

Today we rode on the Mom's Choice Ride with our HOG Chapter.  The weather didn't look too good but this morning we didn't have rain, just a few black clouds.  Didn't look menacing so we decided to go.  This is my first bike ride of the season and I was looking forward to it.

We left Hardin at 8:30 so that we could get to the dealership on time to visit with our friends.  It was a bit on the cool side, but not too bad.  We have ridden in colder weather.

Met our friends, not too many people were on this ride due to weather, about 10 of us who went.  My friend Vickie and I were the only mom's on the ride so it was up to us where to go.  We chose to go to Legends just out of Absarokee. 

We took the scenic route to get there.  We took River Road out of Billings, then made our way to Joliet, took the cut across from Joliet to Columbus then on to Absarokee.  Legends is just out of Absarokee at the junctions to Fishtail.

We have been to this bar before on some rides and it is very nice.  We were their first customers so they were glad to see us. 

Had a good time, visiting with friends.  On our way home we had some sunshine peeking out.  Made for a very nice day.

We got home around 2:30 so it was a very nice day.  It rained later that night, so once again we lucked out.

It was also a nice way to celebrate our anniversary, a great day bike ride and spending time with friends.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Vegas Vacation

Last week Gary and I spent a very relaxing week in Las Vegas.  This is our semi annual trip to Vegas.  Two years ago we bought into a time share and we own in Vegas.  With this we get two free weeks a year and one week of points, so we basically get three weeks of vacation a year staying in condos.  We use our free weeks in Vegas where we own, then use our points for one other stay.

We flew this year as you never know what the weather will be like in April in Montana.  It is not easy flying out of Billings.  You either fly early in the morning or late and you connect in Seattle, Denver or Salt Lake.  We flew Alaska Airlines and left Billings early at 6:00 am.  We had to be at the airport around 4:30, this way we can get through security pretty quick.  On the 25th it turned out that there were three early flights out, so the line at security got long.  Gary's boarding pass as TSA Pre check on it, so he didn't have to take off his shoes or hat.  This is designed to get people through the security check fast, but in the little airport in Billings there is only one security check point.  I guess this works well in the bigger airports.

Our flight took us to Seattle first, we had a three hour lay over so we were able to find a café inside the airport to eat breakfast.  This little café was so busy with people, that we managed to get a table right away.  A couple was leaving where we were standing.  We grabbed the table.  We ended up sharing our table with another couple and we had a real nice conversation with them.  They gave us pointers of where to vacation, mainly in Mexico.

The Seattle airport has free internet so we found a quiet corner to sit and browse, read up on news and check weather.  It was time to board our plane, we were delayed about 30 minutes.  Apparently a bird hit the plane while it was on the ground so they had to check it out to make sure everything was good.  We had to wait on the plane.  Don't know why they didn't make us wait at the terminal.

Had an uneventful flight to Vegas, it was very windy in Vegas.  Found the shuttle to get to the condo, got checked in received our coupon books for the South Point Casino.  We found our room, got settled then made our way to the casino to place our bets on the basketball games.  Gary even bet on the baseball games for fun.

We wanted to sit out by the pool, but the pools were closed due to inclement weather.  The inclement weather was wind.  People living in cold weather states like us couldn't believe.  The weather straightened out after two days, pools open so we lazed in the afternoons soaking up the sun and enjoying the warmth.

We took the shuttles to Fremont Street on Monday night, saw all the sights, listened to a couple good bands and music, watched the light show on the canopy and saw all the weirdos out and about.  We had fun.  Then on Thursday we took the shuttle to the strip.  This time we went to the northern part of the strip and wandered around Treasure Island, The Venetian, Caesar's Palace and The Mirage.  It was later when we said that we should be out here at night to see all the lights.

I won during the week, about $800 in total.  We ate breakfasts in the condo and then went out for nice dinners, since I won I paid for it. We considered this our anniversary vacation even though we were a week early.  I even treated myself to a pedicure at the spa.  It sure felt nice to have a foot massage.  I only twitched a couple time with my ticklish feet.  My toenails got painted so my feet are pretty and happy.

One day I went to school to learn how to play craps.  It is a complicated game and you have to be fast.  Betting is a bit complicated.  Since we went to the school we each got a $5 match play coupon which Gary gave to me.  I won about $40 on craps.

We had to take the shuttle back to the airport, this driver took us on a different route.  Got checked in at the airport and again Gary got TSA Pre-Check.  At the Vegas airport, he had to go in a different line than I did.  We got separated but found each other.  Thank goodness for texting on our phones.
Our route home we went Vegas to Portland to Billings.  That last flight home seemed to take forever, even though it was only a two hour flight, felt like four hours.

Our week went fast and before we knew it time to go home.  Our Vegas vacations we hate to see end, looking forward to going in November.  Jennifer will be coming with us and we are going to drive.