Saturday, January 24, 2009

Freezing Again

Winter will never end. It started to get cold on Thursday and by Friday it was in the single digits and a bit of snow. It is to be cold all weekend. Only in the single digits and snow off and on all weekend. Not enough snow for Gary to use his new power shovel. The snow is so light that the wind blows it off the sidewalks. At least we will be above zero, just barely.

Mother Nature teased us all last week with temps in the high 50's and sunny. It felt so good and gave us a false sense of spring arriving.

It has been a long time since we've had a winter like this, that we got spoiled. Now that we are getting an actual winter we just aren't used to it.

We just can't win. Soon we will be complaining because it will be too hot.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Living in The Banana Belt

What a difference a week makes. The weather here has been so nice. We have had temps in the 50's, all the snow and ice is melted, however things are pretty muddy. Not all the ice has melted, but most. Now the forecast is calling for snow and cold. Not the sub zero stuff, but the single digits and teens. Fortunately spring is just around the corner and this stuff won't last long.

Friday we both took an hour off from work so that we could make it to Billings for a tae kwon do color belt test. We had 5 of our students testing. The test started at 5:30 and in order to get decent parking we had to leave early. The test was at the school in the Heights so we figured that traffic wouldn't be too bad. Funny how our great ideas seem to back fire on us.

The Metra was having a show over the weekend, so traffic was pretty heavy going in and out of the Metra, which slowed us down quite a bit. We did make it and I did find a decent parking space. Right next to the school is a casino and the owner of the casino has a fit when the martial arts people park in his lot. He has a nice paved lot in front of the casino and then a field in the back. Our people would park in the field, but apparently the owner had a fit and started towing cars off his lot. There were notes all over the school about not parking in his lots. A while back we did park in the field but the casino owner was out there and told us that we had to move. There was a tow truck towing vehicles and I did recognize the one vehicle being hooked up belonging to a family in tae kwon do. We moved our car, got inside the school and made the BIG announcement that if people parked back there, they better hurry and move their cars as there is a tow truck hooking up to vehicles right now. About 6 people ran out, unfortunately the tow truck did make off with a couple cars and it cost those people $140.

I always send out a letter to our students and their parents to make sure they don't park in the casino's lots and I even draw out maps on where they can park. Anyway, our students did quite well and they all got promoted.

Sunday was a very nice day, Hardin was 52 degrees. We went to Billings to attend a HOG chapter meeting. We left early to do a bit of shopping. Gary wanted to buy a snow blower, he is tired of shoveling snow. It's not fun since Robert and Jason moved away. He was having a hard time finding one. I kept telling him that he may have to wait until next year as those things are seasonal and most store are probably sold out. We went to the Ace Hardware store and he didn't find his blower but he did buy an electric shovel. Since we really don't have alot of sidewalk or driveway to shovel out he figured this electric shovel will work. It is supposed to throw the snow 20 feet. He bought it so that it would not snow again. But the forecast looks like he may get a chance to use his new toy after all.

We did make it to the meeting and it was 64 degrees in Billings. About half the people attending the meeting rode their motorcycles, but I reminded Gary that we still had about 6 inches of snow in our yard and the streets in Hardin were still icy, so he couldn' ride. He is counting down the days and he is hoping that in March he will be able to ride.

At the meeting they were passing out a sheet of paper for members to sign. I couldn't sign the paper because I am not a member because I don't have my membership number. Anyway Gary signed the paper, I was sort of reading over his shoulder. This sheet of paper was a volunteer sign up sheet but it didn't say what you were going to volunteer for. The state HOG rally will be in Billings this year and our chapter is hosting it. That was what this sheet was for, we will help out but I reminded Gary that when he gets the phone call to remind them that we do live out of town so we will work a registration booth. Not all the details are out on the rally so we will be going to meetings to get updates and such.

I had Monday off and so did Jennifer but we didn't go to Billings, we just stayed home and relaxed. Watched mindless movies and such.

On Tuesday I watched the swearing in of our new President. I just had to laugh because on the news link I had to wait in line to get the video feed and there was a short delay so it would play and then pause for a bit. Anyway I was still able to see the swearing in and glad that I could watch it in the warmth of my office and I could see. I couldn't image standing outside and in those temps for as long as all those people did. I had a good seat,a great view and was warm.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dental Update

Yesterday I had my dental checkup, the first one since the extractions. I had to have 4 fillings this time. Jennifer had the day off so she went to Billings with me.

It was a nice day, very warm weather. The temps were in the 50's, but everything sure was and is a soupy mess. We had a good time.

My appointment wasn't until 9:30, we left Hardin early because it had snowed the night before and the roads were pretty slushy. Hubby wanted me to take his truck and leave early because he thought the roads would be bad on account of all that slush. We did, but first we got our fru-fru coffee.

The roads were good, mainly just wet, there was some slush in the passing lanes but the state plows were out getting the roads cleared. The only problem I really had was the windows getting dirty from the other vehicles. Better stock up on more window washing fluids. I drove slower on account we had so much time.

I dropped Jennifer off at the mall and had about a half hour before my appointment. The stores in the mall don't open until 10:00, but she could walk around and get something to drink first. I got to the dentist office early so got in a little early.

He was amazed at how well I'm healing. He said my top gums are doing so nicely that I may get the upper partials earlier than expected. Not all the stitches dissolved, so he took out the remaining ones. The stitches were getting bothersome anyway. When they got long I was clipping them off anyway. My bottom gums are not healing as fast or as much as he would like. Any way he got me ready for the fillings. More shots in my mouth and more drilling. This time I had 4 fillings on the right side, 2 upper and 2 lower. That makes 7 fillings in all. The other 3 are on the left side, 1 upper and 2 lower, but had those done a few months back.

It really wasn't that bad and even he commented on how more relaxed I seem to be now in that chair. I'm so used to all this stuff after three months now and really he doesn't have any more teeth to really work on. I was in his office for just over an hour, not bad at all. I do have to admit that getting fillings are not that bad at all.

I don't have to go back until February 24th. I will be getting my teeth cleaned then have a consult and get another set of impressions made. I thought the first set of impressions being made were for my partials, but that set was for my temporaries. He said my mouth has changed so much that he wants to get another impression without all the swelling. Not too thrilled about wearing the temporaries for another 6 weeks, but on the top side of things it will definately help me lose weight for the contest I'm in at the court house.

After my appointment went to the mall to pick up Jennifer. I did buy me a new pair of boots to wear during the winter. I don't have anything that will come up over my ankle to wear in the snow and ice. I do have my motorcycle boots, but I only wear those for motorcycle riding. They are not winter wear boots anyway. I also got my hair cut. Those are my rewards, a new pair of shoes and a hair cut.

Jennifer and I had a good day yesterday and it was fun. I'm glad she had the day off to go with me. She always laugha when I tell her I need therapy.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Typical Montana Winter

Yesterday Gary had to work half a day so he decided that it would be nice to take a quick trip to Billings. After all he wanted to spend some more money at Harley. I took three hours off so I could spend a nice day in Billings too. At the same time we could get some tae kwon do uniforms.

It was so nice yesterday. The morning was very icy and driving was not fun, but the sun came out and melted all the ice away and it was a beautiful day. Mom called me and decided not to come up to Hardin, the roads were icy then but it was best she stayed in Wyoming. That way I wouldn't have to worry about her sliding off the road somewhere.

Gary checked the weather and the forecast called for snow but only a coating and not until 7:00 pm, no problem we had plenty of time and we would be home way before then. So off to Billings we went. Nice and sunny afternoon, 48 degrees beautiful.

Couldn't get the uniforms as Park's was closed so will have to pick those up on Wednesday after my dental appointment. Then we made our way to Harley, by this time the wind had kicked up out of nowhere. This was 3:00 in the afternoon. That's ok we can deal with the wind.

As we made our way to the Harley dealership the wind got stronger and the temperature started to drop. We must have been in the dealership for about 45 minutes. Gary bought a new patch, a new cap and some pin savers. I was going to get a new hat too but the one I wanted was too big and they didn't have a medium size. This particular hat was not adjustable. If I'm going to spend that kind of money, then it had better fit right. By this time a snow storm was blown in and it was blowing and snowing.

The deal was that if Gary got to go to the dealership, then I get to go to the mall. There is a store that sells nothing but Christmas stuff. Since I want to start a village this store had a Harley Davidson shop. I was hoping that it would be marked down enough that I would buy it, but not at $85. The village buildings and such were only marked at 25% off, not enough to make the stuff affordable, besides the Harley shop was gone. Snow was falling harder so instead of eating somewhere we decided to come on home.

We left the mall at 4:00, it took us a half hour just to get to the interstate. The streets were just starting to get slick but weren't bad yet, it was the traffic. The traffic was like it was on Black Friday. It was just amazing. By the time we got to the interstate it was blowing so bad that you literally could not see the road. Gary was driving and we were in my car. We weren't the only idiots out on the road so we were fortunate that we could see the tail lights of the vehicle in front of us. Yes there were idiots that were driving like crazy, probably the speed limit and on cruise too. Then we were in a complete white out. By the time we made it across the river the snow had let up some and we could see, also the road wasn't bad. Got to the gas station to fill up and get the ice off the wipers.

Back on the road we went. The Billings hill was fun, very slick and icy and we had to go slow about 45. Silly us thinking that the traffic would be very little, it seemed like Billings was evacuating. By the time we made it down the hill there was about a 4 mile line of cars behind us. There was one idiot that so close to us that Gary couldn't see their headlights in the mirror, we were hoping that we didn't need to stop for anything. People in front were using their brakes, for what we don't know. Gary was telling them to keep off the brake, just get your foot off the gas. Again people passing us up like we were standing still. The temperature was now only 13, a 35 degree drop in just a couple of hours. We finally made it home safe and sound. I was helping Gary brake on the passenger side. At one stretch of the road you could just see the ice glisten in the headlights. A very fun venture for a quick trip to Billings.

It only took us 2 hours to get home from the time we left the mall to our driveway. It usually takes an hour including the stop at the gas station. We were amazed at the amount of traffic during the storm. Probably people headed home after the holidays. Many cars still headed east past Hardin. I was glad we only had to go 50 miles. Wouldn't want to go any further.

Now I ned to point out that if it was my idea to go to Billings just because we wouldn't have gone. Not with a hint of a storm coming, but since it was Gary's idea, no problem we would be home long before the storm hit.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good Bye 2008 Hello 2009

Hard to believe that we are celebrating a new year. 2008 had gone by so fast, but what a busy year it was.

To start things off, the hubby took possession of a new Harley motorcycle that he had converted into a trike. We spent the summer having fun going on motorcycle rides. We joined two motorcycle groups, the Patriot Guard Riders and the HOGS (Harley Owners Group). We have many newfound friends. Quite a few are members of both.

In May, my beloved grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday. The family had the BIG party in June, which turned out to be a great thing. There was a good blizzard on her actual birthday, but the weather was so much better in June. Met many cousins that I've never met before and was able to catch up with others. It was a great get together. I was fortunate to celebrate with her on her actual birthday and the BIG party with her.

In October my sister was blessed with another daughter so that made me blessed with new niece. With a new baby that means road trip. My mom and I traveled to Calfornia to see new baby and spoil her rotten when she was only a week old. What great role models we make for the new one, by the time she was 10 days old we had her at the beach and a casino.

In 2008 my daughter had her 5th real birthday, my youngest son and his wife celebrated their first year of marriage (which I was able to share with them) and my oldest son got engaged to his girlfriend (no date planned as of yet). Gary and I celebrated 21 years of marriage.

2009 looks to be a busy year too. My niece will graduate from high school in June and my daughter and I are planning a trip to Ireland. We've been having fun reading about the different tours and settled on one. Now we just have to figure out when we want to book the trip. We know we want to go in September and will have to figure out when would be the best time to go. We will be gone 11 days. Hubby and I are planning motorcycle rides to take and he plans to put on at least 5000 miles this year.

Now for the resolutions, you need to make at least one every year. This year I want to make my stomach smaller. I always dreamed of having a flat stomach but the reality is that will never happen, so I will just make it smaller and at the time lose more weight. My goal is to get into a size 10 jeans, I'm in a 12 now and have been for two years. Don't know how much weight I want to lose haven't stepped on a scale yet. My second resolution is to eat healthier. I do all right during the week, but have a problems with weekends especially during football playoffs. That's it, just the two resolutions.

Wishing everyone a very prosperous 2009.