Monday, May 24, 2010

May Update

My summer calendar is filling up fast. Can't believe that May is almost over, seems like it just started.

Last week I had my yearly appointment with my doctor at the VA, just a check up. My iron numbers are still down so have to keep taking my iron pills. She also put me on calcium and vitamin D supplements for my bone health. Since I am approching that magical age that all women just love, I have to start making my bones stronger so that they won't break so easily. Right. Anyway I had a choice, she could prescribe the calcium and vitamin D and I would be charged $24 for a 90 day supply, or I could just go down to Wal-Mart and get the same thing for $8. This is a no brainer. I can't do it with my iron though. Since my numbers are still down after two years, she wants me to take the prescribed amount. On the plus side she wasn't worried about my weight. I had actually gained a couple pounds because I was too busy celebrating Gma's birthday and then when Mary was here I just ate.

On the 15th of May we went for a short bike ride to Rockvale and had an ice cream cone. Nothing in particular just wanted to go for a ride and since we left later in the afternoon could only go a short distance. The weather was beautiful and it was a nice ride. The 16th was our regular HOG meeting and we went to Ryegate. I won a t-shirt as a door prize but have to exchange it as it is too big. After our meeting we rode with some friends to Harlowton, up to Judith Gap, over to Lewistown and then down to Roundup. We went to Lavina to get back to Billings then home. We were gone all day. It was a nice day and the best part was the stretch from Harlowton to Judith Gap no wind. The wind turbines were not even moving. For the first time we traveled that highway we didn't get whiplash from the wind trying to know our heads off.

Yesterday we went to a graduation party for our friends daughter. They live in Molt and their house is hard to find. We met friends in Laurel and followed them to the house. We were a tad early but it wasn't too long before the family got home. It was a very nice day for a party. We were served sandwiches, fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries and blue berries), chips and cake. I even got sunburned on one side. Have to learn to keep sunscreen in the vehicles.

Wednesday we are invited to a BBQ for a friends birthday, I have to bring chips for salsa. Looking forward to that. I will be taking off from work early so that we won't have to rush.

We are thinking about doing the Southern 500 ride next Sunday. Alot depends on the weather and also how Gary will feel. The route takes us up and over the Big Horns. He has to work on Monday and these long distance rides take so much out of him. He has to do all the driving. My job is to just sit back and enjoy the ride. I also get Monday off to recupe.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Schu Visit

Last week my sister, baby nieces and brother made a road trip to visit the Grandmas and my family. We celebrated my grandmother's 102nd birthday, then spent the rest of the time visiting. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate. It was very cloudy, windy and cold and we even had rain in between. The little girls ended up going home with stuffy noses, hope they are feeling better by now.

We didn't have a schedule, so we were able to get some fun stuff in. Here are the photos of the fun we had.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This was the week to celebrate birthdays and Mother's Day. Last Sunday my grandmother celebrated her 102nd birthday. She looks amazing and it was a great day. My sister and her two youngest daughters from California and my brother from Nevada made the trip up to celebrate. Hubby and I met the birthday girl in Cody at the Irma Hotel for a brunch buffet. Just so happens that grandma's birthday fell on Mother's Day this year, so we got to eat a delicious buffet.

There were twenty people in all celebrating. Not only us but also some of my grandmother's friends made the day. It was all good food and the weather cooperated for the day. It was fairly warm, at least no rain. I managed to get in a good visit with my brother and sister before the hubby and I made our way home.

Hubby and I met my sister, nieces and brother at Wal-Mart. We had some things to pick up and this gave us a great chance to get a bit more visiting in. My niece Gracie was upset because I don't have a car seat. She wanted to ride with me, but had to ride with her mother because I don't have a car seat. She made it perfectly clear that I was to follow them to Wal-Mart.

Gracie went with me shopping. She had a good time. I helped Gracie and Libby get a flower for their mother on Mother's Day. While we were waiting to check out, Gracie saw some Princess Jasmine toys and she asked if I would buy that for her. I did, one for both girls. Gracie told the checker that it was her birthday and that she was 4. The checker told her happy birthday. Then Gracie told the checker that it was also her grandma's birthday today.

The checker looked at me and commented on how special that I could celebrate my special birthday with my granddaughter. I very politely informed the checker that I was not Gracie's grandmother. We then waited for Mary in the Subway. We were enjoying our drinks and Gracie couldn't wait to play with Princess Jasmine. She wanted to take the plastic off the flower for her Mom, but I managed to keep that on until she could give the flower to her Mom. Not too sure if the flower made it back to Meeteetse or not.

Jennifer was not able to make the trip with us as she had to work. She opens on Sundays, so that means she has to be at work at 5:00 am. Did make it back home to spend some time with her. For supper was just got some subs from Subway to eat at home.

Here are some photos of the birthday celebration.