Friday, June 5, 2015

Walking Contest

I'm on the Wellness Committee for the County and to do something to promote wellness we had a walking contest for employees.

It was decided by the group to have the contest for six weeks, winner would be determined by random draw instead of most steps.  There was a comment made that if it was determined by the most steps, then I would win all the time.

My suggestion was to come up with two winners, one for the most and one for average( my idea was nixed).  Grand prize was a Fitbit Zip ($60 value) and if you were already a Fitbit user, you would get a $60 gift card.

We had them do a $5 pay in, figured people would be more apt to turn in their log sheets.  Contest ran for 6 weeks, started on April 16 and ended May 30.

During the six weeks, I logged in 534452 steps.  That's about equal to 267 miles.  2000 steps equals 1 mile.

We had 19 people in the contest and in the end I won.  I was gone for my dental appointment when the drawing occurred.

It worked out because I was given $60 cash, (They had to wait to see who the winner was first).  I'm saving my hard won cash for our vacation to Milwaukee.

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Mmom said...

Worked out better to get cash. Where was the gift card for? Tell them one day your luck will run out and you won't win anything again for years. I speak from experience.