Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year

2016 sure got here fast.  For New Year I went to Meeteetse for a Grandma visit.  Had great weather so a road trip was warranted.  Had a good visit with family.

I left Hardin on Saturday morning and arrived in Meeteetse just after lunch.  Weather was cooperating for a short visit, Ed had the weekend off so it was perfect.

Mom took us out for supper at the Elk Horn with her gift certificate she received, my original plan of thought was to take them out for dinner for the holidays.  It was nice and we ate a great meal.

Later on we went to the Cowboy for a drink.  That is what we do when we go to Meeteetse.  Since Ed's birthday was the following weekend, I bought him a birthday drink.  I wasn't going to make it down to celebrate Edfest with him.

Sunday we just spent the day visiting.  It was a very nice weekend.  Grandma wanted her picture taken with her oldest and youngest grandchild.  I then headed back for Hardin in the afternoon.

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