Monday, January 18, 2016

Quilting Class

I signed up for a beginner quilting class last week.  This is a 9 week class to learn the basics.  Classes are every Monday from 6-9 pm at the High School Home Ec Room.  For the past few years I have been wanting to learn how to quilt.  I have great admiration for the women who have the talent and patience for quilting.  I want to dip my toes into this new venture.

There are only 4 of us beginners, there were also a couple more experienced quilters working on their big projects.  Our instructor is Marge Bower who has been quilting for over 20 years, and she has taught classes for many year.

Our first class was spent on quilting and what we wanted to get out of the class.  My first project is making a table topper, just something small.  I don't want to start on a large quilt for my first time out.  I have decided to make a Disappearing Nine Patch table topper.  Marge recommended I by a Charm Pack and that I need at least 36 colors.  The Charm Pack is already pre-cut 5 inch squares.

I went to one of the quilting shops in Billings that Marge recommended.  I can see the hardest part is deciding what colors I want.  It got to the point where I was just overwhelmed and picked some fabric.  I chose this pack because I liked the owls.

Tonight I pieced out how I want my blocks to look.  I was so excited when I made my very first quilt block.  I'm finding out that most of the tiny blocks and squares are not actually sewn that small, just cut from a larger block.

For my table topper I need four blocks, that once I'm done will be 15 inch blocks.  From there I will cut them into quarters, but that will be for next week.

This is what my project looks like for now.

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